10 Anime Characters Who Would Do Well On A Reality Show


Reality TV is about the everyday entertainment of watching relatively normal people go about their lives and the drama that inevitably unfolds. According to its title, “reality TV” is supposed to tell about the unpredictable and unpredictable lives of ordinary amateur stars. However, even though many reality TV series are actually scripted, the popularity of the genre lives on.

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In theory, almost anyone could appear on a reality TV show, although an ideal reality TV star would have undeniable charisma, an exciting and unpredictable lifestyle, an active social life and other means of entertain viewers with their daily life. With that in mind, there are plenty of Japanese anime characters that would do well on a reality show, most often slice-of-life characters that aren’t too far removed from mainstream reality TV.

ten Hayase Nagatoro will say or do anything (Don’t play with me Mrs. Nagatoro!)

The archetypal reality TV star is a lively, unpredictable and creative person who can surprise and entertain reality TV fans with their relentless antics. This means that energetic slice-of-life protagonists like Hayase Nagatoro are perfect for reality TV, even if they don’t have magical girl or exotic animal powers.

Hayase Nagatoro is a playful, sarcastic, and obnoxious person with a good heart, always trying to annoy Naoto Hachioji to process her secret romantic feelings for him. She would definitely make a relatable, fun, and likeable reality star.

9 Marin Kitagawa is handsome, funny and loves cosplay (My Dress-Up Darling)

Marin Kitagawa is what is known as a genki girl, or a cheerful, energetic and fun-loving young woman who lives her daily life to the fullest. Such characters would make great reality stars if audiences are in the mood for someone charming and funny rather than someone wrapped up in serious drama.

Marin is a high school student who is not only popular and talkative but also very creative. She loves cosplay and everything related to it, and as a reality star, she could show off her advanced cosplay skills with a variety of colorful costumes. Fans would love to see Marin put together and then put on all sorts of outfits.

8 Erika Amano really lives it (a few cuckoos)

Erika Amano is yet another lively anime girl who might entertain reality TV fans with her colorful personality and outgoing ways. She is also a fan of cosplay, like Marin Kitagawa, except she has a much bigger budget for it. She is also an Instagram star which helps her attract more viewers.

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Erika has a glamorous lifestyle that reality TV fans would love to see. She was accidentally adopted by the wealthy Amanos at birth and has been living the life of a wealthy girl ever since, complete with dazzling outfits, a vacation home, multiple dogs, and more.

seven Toru Kirishima Is A Weird But Compelling Reality TV Star (The Yakuza Childcare Guide)

Toru Kirishima is a gap moe anime character because his tough gangster exterior contrasts starkly with his real sweet and gentle personality on the inside. On the one hand, he’s a vicious gangster with a reputation, but he’s also the caring babysitter of young Yaeka Sakuragi, the boss’s daughter.

This fun and wholesome situation is tailor-made for reality TV. In real time, audiences can watch Toru slowly but surely explore a new side of himself and befriend young Yaeka while living the glamorous criminal life of a modern Yakuza thug.

6 Najimi Osana is always up to something (Komi can’t communicate)

Protagonist Shoko Kom is too shy for reality TV and Hitohito Tadano is too straightforward, but there’s also Najimi Osana, who claims to have millions of friends all over Japan. And that seems true too, since Najimi can make a few calls to round up hundreds of best friends for an afternoon of fun.

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Like Marin and Erika, Najimi is famous for his dazzling, carefree, and whimsical lifestyle, and it’s unclear what kind of party or adventure Najimi will have next. Any Najimi-centric reality show will also have plenty of guest stars with Najimi’s countless friends hanging out.

5 Nadeshiko Kagamihara is a happy camper (casual camp)

The edutainment animated series Relaxed camp is great for reality TV in all sorts of ways. Nadeshiko Kagamihara and her friends are nice, friendly girls who practice the rugged yet fun art of outdoor camping, and there’s always something new to learn or see.

As a reality TV star, Nadeshiko would win over fans with her enthusiastic and wholesome personality, and then the adventure could begin. Film crews can record him setting up camp, exploring stunning Japanese nature, cooking nutritious meals, and more.

4 Mikey is a scary but cool kid (Tokyo Revengers)

If Mikey and the other officers of the Toman delinquent gang would allow it, then reality TV crews could follow Mikey and get a glimpse of what street punk life in Japan is really like. True crime stories are often popular, after all, and now is the time for another flavor of criminal life.

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Mikey isn’t just a punk. He’s the toughest, funniest, most respected offender of them all, and he’s like a star of this gritty underworld. Reality TV fans would be dazzled and terrified by what they saw in the criminal misadventures of Mikey’s daily life as the leader of Toman.

3 Futaba Igarashi is a reliable worker (my senpai is boring)

At first it seems like a modern office worker would make a boring reality star. Fans aren’t in the mood for spreadsheets, board meetings, and idle water cooler chatter. But Futaba Igarashi the little tsundere is much more entertaining than that as the star of anime josei.

Futaba has a good heart, a fierce temper, and a burning desire to prove herself, and she is also quite adventurous. His antics at work are a bit like Officeand she also has a budding romance with Harumi Takeda that audiences will definitely enjoy watching.

2 Shikimori has a life of adventure (Shikimori is not just a cutie)

Pink-haired Shikimori is another cheerful young woman in the anime who believes that daily life is always an adventure if a person sees the beauty in it all. She is an optimistic, popular, intelligent, and athletic person who is prone to outbursts of heroism, and she also loves competition.

All of which should make Shikimori an outstanding high school reality TV star if characters like Marin or Hayase aren’t available. Reality fans will also love Shikimori because despite all her dazzling strengths, she also has some sympathetic flaws that viewers can relate to.

1 Iori Kitahara is a party animal (Grand Blue)

If reality TV fans are up for some R-rated party antics, then Iori Kitahara from the merry seinen series Big Blue is the reality star they need. Iori is a freshman who’s a good guy at heart, but he also tends to get sucked into loud, beer-soaked parties with the campus dive club.

Iori is expected to amuse fans with his amusing classroom cheats, thunderous nights at the dive club, awkward attempts to make friends, and goofy dramas between him, his non-biological cousins, his teachers, and even his little girl. distant sister, Shiori. It is unclear what Iori will do or drink next.

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