10 Most Shocking British Reality TV Contestants


Reality TV is no stranger to surprising moments, with Netflix The ultimatum being heralded as one of the most shocking reality shows in the genre’s history (per vanity lounge). Whether it’s breakups The only way is Essex or strangers who find it difficult to cope with each other Big brotherreality TV contestants have come up with some of the most-watched clips online.

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Britain has produced some of the best shows of the genre and with it they have introduced and created new celebrities for fans to support or boo. And those same shows also gave audiences some of the most shocking contestants to ever grace television sets, some of whom never really shook off their shameful moments.

Peter – Come have dinner with me

Peter from Come Dine With Me

come dine with me is a British cooking competition show that sees four people serve a three-course dinner at their home with the chance to win £1,000. With four very different strangers meeting for the first time, the show has served up plenty of entertaining highlights over the years.

But it also created shocking moments that sparked discussions and memes online. One of them was Peter Marsh, a man who blamed one of the contestants for sabotaging his party for the chance to win the prize money. During his rant against his guest, he said that she had “all the grace of a dump truck without tires.

Curtis Pritchard – Island of Love

Curtis and Amy break up

Despite the original series only lasting 2 seasons in the 2000s, the island of love was revived in 2015 and has become one of Britain’s most popular reality TV shows. The show revolves around various contestants who live under video surveillance in a villa in Mallorca from the rest of the world, having to pair up to win £50,000.

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While some may have been in it for the money, others were also hoping to find love. In season 5 of the revival, Amy teamed up with Curtis and developed feelings for him, but he didn’t feel the same and wanted to be with Maura instead. His attitude and his selfishness created one of the islands of love‘ the most dramatic love triangles.

Kinga Karolczak – Big Brother

Kinga from Big Brother

For 18 years, the British version of Big brother had some of the most shocking contestants in British reality TV history. the Big brother house saw strangers living together, competing in a series of tasks as the audience voted for the winner.

Of the multiple contestants who pissed the nation off, one of the most shocking was Season 6’s Kinga Karolczak. Her looks didn’t quite see her making the friendliest on Reddit. Big brother list of competitors. Despite the string of outrageous moments she caused during her time in the house, the most talked about was when she used a bottle of wine in the most unexpected way, giving viewers plenty to talk about the next day.

Kim Woodburn – Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother's Kim Woodburn

For the uninitiated, Kim Woodburn became a celebrity after appearing on How clean is your house? alongside Aggie MacKenzie as they attempt to clean up and restore the houses to their former glory. But unfortunately for her, she rose to fame more recently after her controversial behavior on celebrity big brother.

A spin-off for Big brother, this version of the British series has been on the air for almost as long and has seen many celebrities move into their homes. When Kim Woodburn burst onto the scene, her ridiculous behavior drew widespread criticism online and despite appearing on talk shows to defend herself, she lashed out at presenters who demanded her side of the story. She should learn a thing or two from the American version of celebrity big brotherthe most unexpected friendships.

Gemma Collins – I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Gemma Collins

Fans of the hit series The only way is Essex will instantly recognize the name of one of its popular stars: Gemma Collins. Since leaving the show, Collins has made countless appearances on chat shows, game shows, and even competed on ice dancingeven after receiving negative comments online about her weight.

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While she too was another roommate who shocked the public on celebrity big brotherhis 3-day stay on I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here! created enough of their own hilarious and surprising moments. In the season 14 premiere alone, Collins couldn’t hold on in a helicopter before it took off, crying and terrified before even setting foot in the Australian jungle.

Susan Ma – The Apprentice

The Apprentice United Kingdom

The UK version of The apprentice features Alan Sugar, one of England’s most successful businessmen, as he tasks a group of potential business partners with numerous challenges with the aim of generating the most sales and profits. The series finally returned earlier this year after a two-year hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Susan Ma may not be the most controversial contestant to appear on the show, but she shocked Lord Sugar’s assistant, Karren, and audiences in the most unexpected ways. Looking at a range of products, Susan asked a series of questions about France. However, these questions were ridiculous and were seen by some as offensive as she asked “Do the French love their children?” and “Do the French go camping?”

AbLisa – The X Factor

X Factor AbLisa

For nearly fifteen years, The X factor was the stage for potential singers to compete and win the chance to become the music industry’s next star. While One Direction, Little Mix and Leona Lewis became huge hits, some became infamous in a very different way.

One of the worst auditions was for the duo AbLisa in a moment that can compete american idolthe funniest auditions. Besides not being the best singers to ever grace the audition stage, the couple swore, punched each other and even cursed the audience for booing them.

Dave – Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen French nightmares

Gordon Ramsay is one of Britain’s most celebrated celebrity chefs. Famous for his chubby mouth and tough demeanor, he has starred in many TV shows over the years, one of which was Nightmares in the kitchen.

With someone as intimidating as Ramsay, few can say they have the confidence to stand up to him, and yet the series has plenty of servers and cooks who answer to him. One of them was Chef Dave from Clubway 41, who demonstrated that he didn’t quite have the skills for the job. To make matters worse, Dave yelled at Ramsay after revealing to him that he had never cooked mussels, creating one of the most observable and intense arguments in Nightmares in the kitchen the story.

Manrika – The Circle

Manrika of the Circle

The competitors of The circle cannot meet as they must communicate virtually through the show’s unique social media system to win over their contestants. The show offers plenty of twists and turns as they use it to decipher each other’s secrets and vote for who stays.

In Season 3, Manrika was visited by “Gemma”, who turned out to be British bodybuilder James Crossley, famous for his appearance as “Hunter” in the iconic 90s show. Gladiators. His reaction and his last interaction with her before Crossley left the show didn’t really end well. His revelation of voting “Gemma” even flabbergasted him, as did his devious game plan. Manrika’s ability to turn on those who saw her as a friend was shocking throughout, but meeting James was the most defining moment of the season.

Nikita – Married at First Sight

Nikita from Married at First Sight

In the 2021 UK version of Married at first sight, Nikita easily took the top spot for the most shocking contestant in reality TV history. During her time on the show, Nikita admitted to writing her vows while on the bathroom and argued with her new husband Ant relentlessly during their honeymoon, even verbally insulting him.

However, her most shocking moment came during a dinner party with the other married couples, where Nikita yelled at everyone and ruined what could have been a beautiful moment for the show. Although what was shown on screen was shocking enough, the incident reportedly escalated off camera and Nikita was subsequently removed from Married at first sight (Going through BBC News), although she returned for the season’s reunion episode.

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