October 2019

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Rapper Carbi B: Cardi B launches abusive rant against entertainment show

Rapper Cardi B slammed an entertainment show for twisting her interview for “clickbait.”

Speaking to Instagram Live, Cardi launched a swearing rant against the outlet, after posting a short clip from her interview with the rapper.

The headline read: “Cardi B Admits Baby Kulture Calls Someone Else ‘Mom’ Because She Works So Much: It’s ‘Wack’.”

Cardi accused the outlet of allegedly “cutting” her words, but the rapper went too far when she shouted, “Don’t use my kid for some fucking click bait.”

She also explained the real answer she gave them to a question about how her job has made a difference for her when it comes to motherhood.

“So I explained to them. I gave them a 2 minute answer, didn’t I? … And I said things had changed because a lot of people expect me to do so much stuff. Like, a lot of people expect me to be in the studio. Then I film for ‘Rhythm + Flow’. I filmed for Hustlers. I work on the fucking Fashion Nova and I do other stuff that’s about to come out.

“So I’m sorry if I take the time out of my day I could be five hours in the studio but I spent five hours with my kid. Because yes I could have someone to babysit my fucking kid but that ‘it’s like it’s a crazy feeling when your kid doesn’t even try to fuck you and call someone else mom. That’s why you have to spend time with your kid, ”Cardi said. on Instagram.

After the rapper exploded, the outlet deleted the video and his producers contacted Cardi to apologize, sources said.

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