October 2020

Entertainment show

SAS Australia # 1 in entertainment show again

• the SAS Recruits # 1 entertainment program for a second night
• Trump assists Nine in first place in primaries, Seven / Nine tied on network sharing

Prime Time News
Seven News 968,000 / 960,000
Nine new 909,000 / 912,000
ABC News 671,000
10 News first 300,000/222,000
SBS World News 156,000

Daily news
A topical case 775,000
7.30 560,000
The 311,000 / 486,000 project

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 228,000
Today 221,000
194,000 news breakfast

Late night news
Nine Overdue News 103,000
The last 102,000
ABC News End 63,000

Tuesday TV

Seven: After starting the week at 585,000, At home and away was over 557,000 for Tuesday’s episode.

Episode two by SAS Australia featuring life after release Roxy Jacenko. There were two other voluntary withdrawals with Schapelle and Arabella both initially. After a launch episode shooting 834,000, the second episode delivered 795,000, keeping the show just ahead The block. The battle for key demos was tight with only a handful of viewers separating the Seven and nine 7:30 p.m. formats.

Tuesday’s movie was the monsters’ epic of 2018 Carnage with 266,000 spectators.

Nine: A topical matter started with reports of Martin king then Brady Rooms. Tuesday’s audience was 775,000 after 731,000 on Monday and was one of the offers that kept Nine ahead of Seven last night.

The block was in the middle of hallways week with a challenge added to the Block Allstars starring episode of the 2019 series. After 835,000 on Tuesday a week ago, the episode was over 793,000 last night, down to just 2 000 behind SAS Australia.

Two weeks before the US election, Nine launched The Trump show after The block with friends and foes commenting on the US president’s stint from reality TV to the White House. The series launched in force on 483,000.

ten: The project Featured Deborah Mailman talk about new superhero animated film Wombat fight with 486,000 after 19 hours.

Competitors on Junior Chef had to make donuts and toppings with Ben in all kinds of trouble during cooking. At the end of the show Phoenix and Salvo were sent home. After 576,000 last week Tuesday, last night made 470,000.

a Ambulance Australia the repeat was over 279,000.

ABC: The new factual series Outback ringtone of Ben davisThe Ronde production company was launched at 8 p.m. with 397,000 spectators.

Second episode of Heavy weather (and how to survive it) was over 371,000 after 468,000 a week ago.

SBS: A repetition of Every family has a secret was over 217,000, just like the next repeated episode of Overview.

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