30 entertaining talent show ideas for kids


Each child has their own strengths and takes pride in what they do well. A talent show is a perfect opportunity for them to show off their fun talent in front of their family, friends or classmates for public recognition and a bit of praise. Whether it’s a dance routine to upbeat music, yo-yo tricks, or artistic creativity, all talent can be enjoyed. Check out this list of ideas for 30 entertaining talent shows for kids!

1. Magic tricks

Let your little magician pull some dazzling ideas from his arsenal of tricks and surprise the crowd. Pair a fun outfit with upbeat music and let them hit the stage with 3-4 manageable rounds.

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2. Be an actor

For those who like the stage, they can opt for a different role, in the form of an actor. This classic talent can be showcased in a classic choice of a familiar re-enactment that will be recognized on the big screen or in a play.

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3. Dance

Hip-hop and jazz dances are fun for the dancers and the audience.

A bit of choreography is sure to get the crowd moving! Students could choose between a classical dance routine, fun dance moves or an impromptu dance among students. Be sure to include dancing in your talent show, but also be sure to put on a catchy song!

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4. Skipping rope

Jumping rope is an underrated talent! Jumping rope can involve creating a whole routine to a popular song or simply incorporating some amazing tricks into their jump. There are lots of fun ideas that could go into creating a three minute act.

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5. Sing

What’s a talent show without a little singing, right? Students can sing a song from memory or do face-to-face karaoke! Have the student dress up the role and rehearse their song choice and they’ll be ready to share their amazing talent with an audience.

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6. Put on a circus act

A circus is a fun event that you don’t see much anymore. Have students explore options for performing a circus act to change the rhythm. They might even work together to do a group performance. Be sure to include outfits that match the theme.

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7. Cook

This is a twist on the traditional options for a talent show event. Cooking can be a fun hobby and a beautiful work of art. Students can enter the talent show with a specific recipe and bring samples for everyone to indulge in while enjoying their talent in a different way.

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8. Make music

Impress judges at music competitions

Some children like to play instruments alone, but others like to play instruments with other children and form their own small groups. Let the students take the stage to sing fun songs or something original from their band.

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9. Create a sketch

Creating a skit and then performing it is different from simply directing a play. When children are interested in writing the scenario and the plot of a skit, they appropriate it in a different way and invest themselves more in carrying it out and making it succeed.

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10. Recite a poem

memorize a poem - and have your kids memorize one too!  List of poetry ideas and best anthologies.

For kids who may have stage fright or for kids who already enjoy performing, reciting a poem is a great idea for the talent show. Whether they memorize it or read it straight from paper, a poem will provide rhyme and rhythm and make reciting a written piece a little easier.

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11. Put on a play

Children (5-12) acting on stage, a boy confronting a bad wolf

Most children like to dress up and play different roles. Let them re-enact a fairy tale giving students different roles and including dancing and singing if possible to add other elements. Involve learners in creating their own decorations and backgrounds.

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12. Lip sync

Girl singing into the microphone

Having a lip-sync battle can be fun for shy students. If a child wants to sing, but doesn’t yet feel comfortable and confident, lip-syncing may be a good option. Have them choose a song and practice well so they can get through the song without letting the audience know it was lip-sync.

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13. Puppet show

Cute puppets and a makeshift backdrop can be a great addition to a talent show. This is another perfect idea for kids who may be shy and not ready to take the stage. They can be silly and have fun with puppet voices and even create their own puppets.

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14. Painting

art station

Small performers can also be big inclusions in talent shows! Ask the artist to do a piece on stage or bring the finished piece and tell the audience about it.

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15. Do you have any jokes?

Do you have a small actor in the family? This clever talent is sure to catch all the giggles and giggles from the audience. Let your child practice telling different types of jokes to deliver to the audience.

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16. Ventriloquist

It’s a pretty unique talent, but a ventriloquist act can be a very interesting act to include in your talent show. You can use a puppet stage or just a stool and microphone. Some kids can do an incredibly good job with this!

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17. The Mime

theater girl

Include a mime skit and be sure to draw the crowd in for the fun. Have the kids wear face paint, use dynamic expressions, and perfect a fun skit that the audience will enjoy. Don’t forget to include gloves and suspenders in your outfit choice!

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18. Science Experiments

Let the little scientists come in and create a display of magical science skills! Organize a few quick and easy experiments to show the audience something that will blow their minds! Including experiments with explosive but sure results is very entertaining.

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19. Have a Debate

Are your children passionate about a subject? Organize a debate. The most important part of the debate is the actual preparation for the event. Ask the children to take the time to formulate their ideas and then research their perspectives so they have plenty of information to use to back up their thoughts.

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20. Photography

filming a cooking tutorial with her son

Photography is a talent less recognized by children. Have students post a presentation of their work. They can tell the audience about their experiences as they capture the footage. Encourage the inclusion of many types of photography.

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21. Karate

learn martial arts

Karate is a great sport but also requires a lot of skill. Showing off some technical moves and demonstrating self-defense moves can be a really entertaining and informative display for the audience.

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22. Juggling


Basic juggling tricks can be very interesting to watch for an audience. Some children juggle with scarves while others juggle with balls or fruit. For an extra special touch, incorporate a few throws between two jugglers.

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23. Gymnastics

Including gymnastics in the talent show is a fun way to let toddlers get active and show off their skills. They can do a floor routine, use a balance beam, or do tricks and turns. All ages could participate in this talent.

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24. Basketball Tricks

These basketball tricks may take some practice in order to perfect the shape and style. Include a combination of hoops and dribbling and footwork tricks. Have students work together to create a more complex routine using their newly honed skills.

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25. Hula Hoop


Hula hoop tricks are a great way to get creative and design routines that will pair well with upbeat music. It’s a talent that could work with a range of skill levels from beginner to advanced. This link provides some hula hoop trick ideas for kids to learn.

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26. Applause Song

Young boy and girl playing Pat-a-Cake in front of a pink background.

Hand clapping songs or even the use of other things, like cups, is a great talent. It could be a fun family talent and siblings can create their own songs or include the whole family. You could even perform several songs for a challenge.

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27. Pogo Stick

Learn to pogo

An interesting talent is the pogo stick. Kids can get creative with this talent by creating routines and even pairing it with other things like jump rope or basketball! It would also be a fun family talent to include multiple people at the same time.

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28. Roller skate

Sulifeel Rainbow Unicorn Skateboard

Roller skating has always been a favorite pastime over the past decades, but bring it back! The roller skating routines are sure to become a crowd favorite! Encourage your child to wear a pair of roller skates that have bright lights and colors for added effects.

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29. Go skateboarding

skateboard 101 - teach kids to skateboard

Skateboarding is a fun sport that isn’t as popular as most youth league team sports, but it’s just as fun. Kids can work on perfecting some fancy tricks, using the skateboard. Set up a small area to perform these tricks and see what they can do.

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30. Dramatic Reading

Free Scripts for Kids - Actors, Plays, etc.

Add dramatic reading to your talent show. Have the children practice and take turns using different voices, pitches, and volumes as they verbalize their dramatic reading to the audience. Remind the child to try to evoke the emotion of the listeners.

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