38% said it was Netflix’s best cooking show


It seems people looking for a cooking show on Netflix are more likely to watch “The Great British Baking Show.” According to Mashed’s poll results, 38.11% of respondents say it’s their favorite cooking series to watch. Unsurprisingly, the UK Baking Competition is also attracting a lot of attention in the UK – Variety reports that the season 12 finale aired on Britain’s Channel 4 attracted some 6.9 million viewers. It has a decent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with one person on Influencer saying, “I love this show! It’s a refreshing reality show because of the good taste, support and down-to-earthness of the contestants. The products they make are just beautiful and give me mouth watering for candy, bread and pie every time. It’s a real treat for your eyes to watch this show!”

How do other popular cooking shows on Netflix compare to “GBBO”? “Chef’s Table”, with 16.61% of the vote, took second place, closely followed by “Nailed It” with 15.47%. Some 11.07% of people chose “The Chef Show” as their favorite, while 10.42% chose “Baking Impossible”. Unfortunately for “Sugar Rush”, it was the least popular of the bunch, with just 8.31% of respondents calling it their top pick.


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