A reality show shouldn’t play with my belly like this one does – Instinct Magazine

Is it a rubber duck or is it a cake? Source: netflix

Ultra-realistic cake versions of everyday objects – a shoe, a handbag, a roll of toilet paper, a bag of chips – you name it – have been making the rounds of the internet in 2020 and we all astonished and guessed. There’s just something fascinating about these cakes and if you can’t get enough of guessing which are cakes and which are fake, we have news for you.

Netflix’s newest reality series is a baking contest dressed up as everyday objects! Inspired by a popular 2020 meme, Is It Cake pits cake artists against each other as they attempt to create creations that not only taste good, but also look exactly like common objects. Things you wouldn’t exactly want to eat, if we’re being honest.

Source: netflix

Hosted by Saturday Night Live’s Mikey Day, the new contest was received by viewers on the platform with stunned amusement.

Is It Cake debuted on the streaming platform last weekend, but it’s now Netflix’s most-watched program in the US. It even managed to edge out Inventing Anna, The Adam Project, and Bad Vegan on the daily list.

Netflix’s current top shows include Ryan Reynolds’ The Adam Project in second place, true crime series Bad Vegan in number three, true-story drama Inventing Anna in number four, and post-apocalyptic thriller Black Crab in number five. .


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