A reality TV entertainment venue is proposed for the former Sears store in St. Paul


Rickey Johnson, creator of Brix Entertainment, hopes to attract chefs and musicians from across the country to compete.

ST PAUL, Minn. – What once served as a shopping destination in the Eastern Metro, is now blocked and vacant in St. Paul, after the former Sears store on Rice Steet closed in January 2019.

“Right now, we just want to secure this location,” said Brix Entertainment creator Rickey Johnson.

But all of that could change if Johnson can make do with the property’s future.

“This is a whole new business concept, which has never been done,” Johnson explained.

He offers a reality TV entertainment venue, which he has dreamed of for 10 years.

“We’re going to have two live shows…a culinary arts show and a music show,” Johnson said.

Which he hopes will draw chefs and musicians from around the country here to the Twin Cities to compete while also serving as an entertainment destination.

“You can test the food, we might find a way to duplicate the food that’s being judged by the culinary arts judges while the food is being served, on the music side, you can vote,” Johnson explained. .

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He went on to say, “some of our winners, we hope to get contracts with American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, some of the cooking competitions, our winners will go from this show to these shows to compete again.”

Currently, Johnson is working with private investors like the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) and architects.

“I’m working with an architect Peter Vallard and he’s designing a scheme to fit this exterior that’s going to fit the stage, because we’re going to have a stage outside for live music in the summer.”

Johnson says he’s also in talks with Serage growth propertieswho currently owns the 17.5-acre property, but it is unclear to what extent.

“At this point, I can’t really speak to it due to the fact that I kind of have a nondisclosure agreement with Seritage involved,” he said.

“One of the biggest things I wanted to do in the Twin Cities area, especially in St. Paul, is to start seeing businesses coming back, restaurants of all types of cultures, music, more ‘musical events.’

Johnson says he hopes to see that dream come true in the next two to three years.

For anyone interested in investing in the project, or for more information, you can email Rickey Johnson at [email protected]

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