Arizona TikTok star has a ‘cooking show’ in his car


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Many cities in the southwest and central United States are expecting temperatures above 100 degrees F – 38 C – this week.

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The city of Chicago, for example, is predicted to see temperatures exceed 100 F for the first time in a decade, and according to the Daily Mail, Record temperatures were recorded in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver and California’s Death Valley over the weekend.

More than 25 million people have been placed on a heat advisory.

Now TikToker Joe Brown, 20, of Gilbert, Arizona, is showing the nation how it’s done by boiling macaroni and cheese, baking a cake, and grilling burgers and steaks in his car.

Brown took advantage of the unusually warm weather outside to cook in the car on the dash, where temperatures ranged from 186 to 210 F – something to keep in mind if you’re ever tempted to leave a dog behind. inside the car, even for a minute.

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Brown placed burgers on a cookie sheet, left them on the dash for two hours, and came back to find them well done – and the buns toasted!

His TikTok Video shows him baking a cake (after the car’s interior reaches 210 F), melting a pizza, and grilling a steak, all using nothing more than the power of the sun and the heat inside his car.

Brown said her in-car cooking experiments, inspired by the warm weather in her home country, began in 2020.

He will certainly have no problem continuing his TikTok “cooking” show for the rest of the summer in Arizona.

On Friday, Phoenix was at 113 F, breaking the daily record of 111 F that had existed since 1978.

It was even hotter on Sunday, reaching 114 F, equaling a 1918 record, according to

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With the persistent heat so far, Phoenix is ​​already averaging 4.1 degrees F above normal for the month of June.

Meteorologists suggest wearing hats and other sun protection, staying well hydrated, and staying indoors during the hottest part of the day. A cool bath can’t hurt.

Meteorologists in San Diego – where temperatures of 117 F were expected recently – encouraged everyone to learn the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


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