Bad Chefs: ‘Britain’s most chaotic cooking show’ arrives on ITV2 | Reality show


Britain’s most chaotic cooking show is coming to ITV2 this week.

YouTube sensation Chunkz will host the brand new reality series, titled Bad Chefs.

ITV shares: “In the ultimate recipe for disaster, this brand new reality show from Lifted Entertainment will challenge ten takeout junkies to ditch delivery apps and trade prepared meals for a culinary twist as they learn to cook for the very first time.

“As take-out obsessives live and cook together, Chunkz will oversee the potential kitchen bustle in a cooking contest like no other.

“Faced with daily challenges, novice chefs will have to learn quickly to avoid crowding out and stay in the competition.

“Can they keep their cool in the kitchen and resist the urge for delivery apps?

Bad Chefs will air on ITV2, starting Monday, September 26 at 9 p.m. and will continue every night.

Chunkz said, “Let’s go cook! If you can’t boil an egg or cut a loaf of bread, this is a sight you can hop on board with.

“I can’t wait to see what the Bad Chefs can or can’t cook…it’s going to be so bad it’s good.”

The series will air over ten episodes on ITV2 from September with an exact start date to be announced.

Lifted Entertainment Managing Director Richard Cowles said, “We live in a world where amazing meals can be delivered to your doorstep in minutes, so why bother cooking? But what happens when the delivery app stops working? Our bad bosses are about to find out.

“And there is no one better placed to oversee their progress than Chunkz. As his legion of online fans know, he recently swapped fast food for home-cooked meals and discovered a passion for cooking.

ITV2’s Paul Mortimer commented: “Bad Chefs is the latest series of reality events for ITV2, adding to a strong list of programs that appeal to younger audiences, particularly in the streaming space.

“With this innovative twist on the cooking show format where our takeout junkies do their best to resist the urge of the delivery app, I can’t wait to see this recipe for chaos play out.”


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