“Bleep, I Got My Pots,” the cooking show debuts with chef and hip-hop royalty Trick Daddy Dollars featuring delicacies and a special guest with a twist of appetizers from the pop culture


MIAMI, Fla., March 28, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Culinary industry gets new experience of southern culture steeped in mouth-watering cuisines during introduction to cooking show “B!tch, I Got My Pots “. Some of the topics covered are music, entertainment, pop culture, social media trending issues and more, raw and uncut, infused with delicious southern meals for viewers every week. The show also hosts a segment curation feature called “TOP 7”, where the correspondent highlights legendary labels, musicians, actors and projects to influence audience engagement on the social media platform. . The B!tch cooking show I Got My Pots takes audiences through an aesthetic culinary dining experience while exploring reviews on new releases in music, film, TV, lifestyle and more. Founded by Miami hip-hop royalty, Trick Daddy Dollars, alongside Rockstarr Film Factory, “B!tch I Got My Pots” streams a live dining experience while featuring some of your artists, public figures, favorite pop culture trendsetters and influencers.

With over two million followers via Facebook and growing, each episode draws closer to the rap legend and his guests as they take the audience through the process of delivering delicious treats for family and friends. Guests will discover, attend, and help Trick Daddy put together a cooking broadcast that viewers can share at home around the world by watching the show on Facebook Live each week.

Trick Daddy Dollars also owns Sunday’s Eatery, a southern home dining experience in Miami Gardens, Florida.

About Trick Daddy Dollars

Trick Daddy Dollars is a Hip Hop music legend and entertainer, he has been dubbed one of the most rogue rappers ever embraced by the mainstream. Trick Daddy left the South in 2001 with “I’m A Thug” and established himself as an unlikely national superstar. Prior to his mainstream breakthrough, he scored a few regional hits here and there, but remained largely an underground rapper. In particular, he became known for his club anthems, characterized by their driving beats and raucous lyrics. “Nann” and “Shut Up” became her most recognizable early hits in her music catalog, each featuring a feisty young rapper named Trina, who would go on to find her own success in later years as a female legend. No one questioned his talent, but his image hardly matched that of other mainstream rappers. Born Maurice Young in Miami, Florida, the rapper originally known as Trick Daddy Dollars first earned his stripes in 1996 as one of the lead rappers on Luke’s “Scarred”; the first track from the former 2 Live Crew frontman’s Uncle Luke album. Despite his raw, uncut approach in his demeanor, tattoos, gold grills, and overall thug aura, Trick Daddy achieved mainstream airplay and climbed the Billboard charts.

Expanding his portfolio, Trick Daddy was reintroduced to the world on the multi-market docu-reality series, Love & Hip Hop as a main cast member. They are currently filming Season 5 which is slated to air in the summer of 2022. The world also got another side of Trick Daddy when 99Jamz premiered a new show featuring fellow femcee royalty Trina on The TNT Morning Show. The show aired daily for two years on radio channels covering pop culture topics, social media trending issues, special guests and more.

The legendary emcee also showcased his other passion and expertise in the culinary industry with his southern restaurant, Sunday’s Eatery, located in Miami Gardens.

About Rockstarr Film Factory

Founded by music enthusiast, influencer, hypeman, and producer Corey Evans, alongside veteran production tech Eugene “EJ” Jenkins; Rockstarr Film Factory is at the forefront of production needs, directorial support, custom creative settings, and an outsourcing footprint for music, creative, and film support. With over 20 years of combined experience, the Film Factory is a large-scale independent enterprise located in Miami, Florida, providing space for performing arts, new media art, film, television, interactive arts and creative services. Rockstarr Film Factory hosts its own production team which includes technical staff to produce, edit and manage media and/or video content needs for film, television, digital streaming, social media, corporate promotions and ads. The company also offers casting management, pre-production assistance, filming, sound recording, post-production and film screening consulting services, including for independent films.

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