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Photo Courtesy: IANS News

Los Angeles, Jan. 19 (IANS): The legal fight between pop icon Britney Spears and her father Jamie seems to be turning sour as new documents filed by the singer’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, indicate that her father and his lawyers withdrew more than 36 million dollars from his estate during the conservatorship, ‘Variety’ reports.

Jamie Spears also attempted to pitch a cooking reality show in 2015 to the networks. The show would have been titled “Cookin’ Cruzin” and “Chaos with Jamie Spears”, using his earnings from his role as curator, to advance his restaurant business.

The documents, accessible by ‘Variety’, were filed in response to the father’s request to the court to ensure that his daughter continues to pay her legal fees, despite her suspension from guardianship.

“Mr. Spears also exploited his role as a curator to convince Ms. Spears’ touring staff to help him turn his catering business into a Hollywood career,” the documents say. They went on to say that Jamie Spears earned $6,314,307.99 throughout the conservatorship, with the last payment being $192,000 in 2020.

The newspapers, quoted by ‘Variety’, described Jamie Spears as ‘an ignominiously suspended conservator – from a conservatorship which has been terminated’, and noted that he was now looking ‘to siphon even more money from his daughter’.

They added: ‘Mr. Spears should be required to pay his legal fees…if he has already squandered those funds, he should consider engaging other cheaper lawyers than he can afford.’


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