Can a candidate’s choice of song ruin their chances in a talent show?


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A candidate’s choice of song can make or break their hearing experience, because, let’s be honest, everyone has a different strong point when it comes to singing a song. Fan favorite tracks tend to perform well on competitive shows like American Idol and America has talent. There is one genre in particular that seems to perform better than the others.

Carrie Underwood beguiled all along American Idol season 4 until she was crowned the winner in May 2005. She beat Bo Bice for the title and has grown into a long line of country music artists to dominate the Idol stage. It turns out that, historically, country singers have always done better in talent contests. Why is it?

Country music makes up a large chunk of America’s listening population, but it’s not the only reason. When American Idol chooses country music stars (such as Luke Bryan) as their judge, this prompts fans to tune in to see him in action. In the same way, Keith Urban was hired as American Idol judge in 2012. Country music fans were once again thrilled to watch the competition show.

Age is also taken into consideration here. For example, the age demo that follows these types of shows is usually over 35. These women are much more likely to listen to country music than, say, a TikTok-obsessed 16-year-old.

How important is the choice of song in talent shows?

Why, exactly, is song choice so crucial in competitions? To state the obvious most singers get a clean shot to impress the judges. Just because a song is good doesn’t mean you sound good while singing it. Even the most talented singers do better with songs written in their vocal register.

A performer with a strong viola voice probably shouldn’t take the stage with a Mariah Carey tune. Judges can also be easily swayed if a contestant chooses a song they like. So luck certainly kicks in sometimes. On the other hand, a sloppy song can cause a competitor to stop running faster than you can say “NEXT”.

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and that is exactly why so many contestants choose to perform the songs of the judges. There have been several occasions when contestants made Kelly Clarkson cry while performing one of her original songs on The voice.

In April 2021, Clarkson revealed her thoughts on Corey Ward’s performance of his song “Already Gone.”

“I like it because usually they tweak it a bit, but it’s a little bit of extra pressure,” she said after the performance. “I was literally like, well, he just killed my song in front of me. I was like, I feel like maybe that’s how it should sound.

When the choice of song ruins a contestant’s chances

At the same time, these performances can also backfire. In Season 19, a favorite was sent to pack his bags after botching one of Clarkson’s songs. Confidence, however, is most important of all. A well-rehearsed piece sung in a perfect key is a sure-fire way to get a ticket to Hollywood. Having fun on stage after choosing the perfect song is the key to being successful in this type of show. American Idol producers.

Oh, and do well on shows like The voice and American Idol, you have to play the game to some extent. A number of success stories from these shows have explained why they put a bit of a front on their reality show. Specifically, Clarkson said the show’s expectations for her pop sound left her with a bad taste in her mouth and left her locked in.

“The first three years of my career, it was just for me to pay to win a talent show,” she said. USA today in an interview. “I got really bitter. I was just looking for someone to talk to who knew what I was going through. And that’s why I like to do this for artists on The voice. It actually healed that bitterness that I used to carry, to be able to be that to someone else.

Jordin Sparks and Kelly Clarkson among the candidates who change their tone after “Idol”

Jordan Sparks shared a similar sentiment in July 2021 during a video chat with Clarkson. As she said to her comrade Idol album, she was only able to find her unique sound after launching a post-careerIdol.

“I am very eclectic in my musical tastes,” Jordin explained. But she always felt compelled to choose a genre of music. “But I feel like now, with the freedom I have, I can do whatever I want,” she said.

Clarkson couldn’t have agreed with that sentiment more. “I think because of the way we entered the industry, coming from American Idol. It’s a talent show. We got to sing different songs every week that maybe were from completely different genres. “

What happens after the show?

It is not uncommon to see singers change their sound completely after leaving the talent show scene. Just look at Cassadee Pope, the rock n ‘roll singer from Hey Monday. She then completely changed her sound after winning The voice. These days she writes country hits.

In the first season of American Idol, Clarkson who won the first season with his powerful voice, launched a career in pop music with longevity. But even she couldn’t help but delve into the realm of country music (hey, she’s a Texas girl at heart) and she continued to cover dozens of country hits over the years.

Talent competition shows have become oversaturated, and with so many new shows, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out as a performer. Talent is needed but it’s a contestant’s choice of song that says a lot about who he is as a performer.

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