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If you had a reality TV show about your life, what would it be? – #TQOTD

Steve and his wife barely have the chance to have adult conversations with 2 little babies. If there was a show about their marriage, they would be the ones having this conversation every day. Christine and I would be a mix of general hospital and horse stories. MDR

If you had a reality TV show on your life, what would you be talking about?

  • Me and my ADHD hot ways.
  • Too many people tell me that my husband and I need our own reality TV show …
  • Girl who only leaves home to go to work or go to the movies. I don’t know how introverted an introverted reality TV show would be
  • Could have a whole series on the ups and downs of my marriage
  • Lol, raising our six boys. Could be a hot mess of a show!
  • If I had a reality show, it would be about house flipping and my real estate adventures!
  • 5 to 7 per day. Mine would be walking / jogging / biking at least five to seven miles a day.
  • Cannabis
  • The life of a parent with special needs
  • The reality of having grown children … I thought it would be easier and more fun
  • My days of debt collector
  • My love of motorcycles
  • Mine would be called Real Housekeepers of the City
  • The reality show would be about my ex-mail order wives. 2 women painted my daughter’s face in the middle of the night
  • A day in the life of Zeus.
  • Probably me wandering in my garden and mumbling to plants and insects
  • How to fail in life
  • pastry making, making desserts. Because who doesn’t like candy.
  • The life of the kindergarten mom including the older than the class grandmother
  • Many of my clients suggest that the garage I “run” should be a reality TV show.
  • Me, I drink coffee and I insult at work. It would have to be on a channel that allows for such things.
  • Desperate Lives of Detroit Lions fans

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Bardwell Park Resident Gets Cunning In New Reality Show | County Chief of St George and Sutherland

George Buchanan participates in the new series of Making It competitions. Image: Ten

As far back as she can remember, George Buchanan has been tinkering with things.

The Bardwell Park resident has made her love of craftsmanship a career running the Pink Cactus store in Rockdale, making everything wacky and wonderful for corporate customers and the arts and entertainment industry.

Now Ms. Buchanan has the chance to show off her skills to an even larger audience in Ten’s new reality competition program. do it.

“You could describe it a bit like crafts Survivor, she joked.

“It’s a really cool mix of people, with varying levels of crafting experience, completing to be the ‘master maker’.

“There are timed crafting challenges and on every turn someone is knocked out.”

Ms Buchanan said the creators’ first task challenged them to create a “heritage sanctuary” that explained the things that shaped them as people, followed by a challenge to fabricate their “inner beast”.

The 41-year-old said he participated in do it was one of the best decisions she ever made.

“I was totally captivated to watch the cogs of reality TV turn, I found it really fascinating,” she said.

“We’ve been so drawn into creating our creations and going into the next round. Once you get there, it goes so fast – I loved it.

“I’ve had kids and I’ve traveled the world and done crazy things, but it was one of the most empowering and exciting things I’ve ever done and I’m really proud of it.

“I made 12 amazing friends along the way.”

Ms. Buchanan started creating objects at home from a young age, painting, sketching and making cardboard objects.

After her studies, she tried her hand at cooking, before moving on to the management.

Loving her time with the theater, Ms. Buchanan then enrolled in a prop making diploma at NIDA, where she learned to do carpentry and welding, sculpture, stage art and more. Again.

“I would like to encourage girls to pick up tools that may not always be considered ‘feminine’ and to go for them,” she said.

“I solder on the show, hold a nail gun – sometimes people see it as a lousy thing to do, but anyone can do anything and more girls should be encouraged to play these roles. ” ugly “.”

Ms Buchanan will soon speak about her love of arts and crafts, and its potential for growth in the Bayside area, during a webinar and chat with Peaceful Bayside Founder Heidi Lee Douglas on October 5th.

“An area with a lot of arts activity has more community engagement, more artistic things to see and if we can think of ways to encourage more arts festivals and more arts activities in Bayside that would fill a bit. a void, ”she said.

Ms. Buchanan encouraged everyone to watch do it – “it’s a really healthy show to watch with the whole family” – airs at 7:30 pm Wednesdays and Thursdays on Ten.

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‘Survivor’ Season 41: release date, spoilers & all about the CBS reality show

If there’s a reality TV competition with a long-standing legacy, it should be “Survivor.” With the series returning for Season 41, the series has a massive and dedicated fan base that continues to grow with each generation keen to put their own skills to the test.

Season 41 sees 18 new castaways in Fiji, ready to face grueling challenges that are sure to put their minds and bodies to the test. With Jeff Probst returning to host the show, this season promises some game-changing twists and turns. Curious to know more? Keep reading to find out !


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‘Survivor: Winners at War’ Season 40: Nick lets Tony gain immunity just for certain cookies, fans can’t believe it

Release date

Season 41 of “Survivor” will begin September 22 at 8 / 7c.

Where to look

Catch the Season 41 premiere of “Survivor” September 22 at 8 / 7am on CBS, the CBS app and Paramount +


According to the show’s synopsis – “After 20 years, SURVIVOR kicks off a new chapter when the Emmy-winning series returns on Wednesday. Stranded in the beautiful islands of Fiji, these 18 determined new castaways will be split into three tribes of six and will face one of the most dangerous seasons in the history of the series. The series evolves even further as this season introduces new elements to the competition that intensifies the battle and puts even the most powerful super fan to the test. strong. Mental and physical challenges force players to choose between personal risk and reward, while continuing to navigate the complex social game and trying to forge alliances to last another day. The show is hosted and produced by Jeff Probst, winner of an Emmy Award. “

To throw

Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst is an Emmy Award-winning reality TV host and executive producer and returns to host season 41 of “Survivor.” With CBS’s 2020 diversity target now in effect, the show’s final season sees 50% of people of color participate. As an executive producer and showrunner, Probst opened up to the NY Times about the change. “This is one of the most exciting things that has happened to ‘Survivor’ in my 21 years,” he explained. “It opened the door to something we hadn’t seen, one of our own blind spots.” he added.

He also spoke about the future of the series, and as long as players are willing to take the plunge, there is always hope. “Even though their game is on the line, a great ‘Survivor’ player wants the ball with no time left on the clock,” he said. “They want that dangerous edge. They are sure they can do it. Because they too were the 8 year olds who dreamed of building a fire someday.” he added.

Here is an overview of the 18 new castaways in their respective tribes / teams on season 41

LUVU Tribe (Blue): Former NFL player Danny McCray, Sales Manager Naseer Muttalif, Law Student Sydney Segal, Stay-at-Home Mom Heather Aldret, Medical Student Deshawn Radden and Director of Communications Erika Casupanan.

UA Tribe (Green): Breeder Brad Reese, healthcare consultant Sara Wilson, Pastor Shantel Smith, student Jairus Robinson, flight attendant Ricard Foye and grocer Genie Chen.

YASE Tribe (Yellow): Application developer Xander Hastings, neurosurgeon David Voce, student Liana Wallace, teacher Tiffany Seely, cybersecurity analyst Eric Abraham and doctoral student Evvie Jagoda.

Executive producers
Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst, Matt VanWagenen, Kahaia Pearson and Jesse Jensen are the executive producers of the series.


With various contestants talking about what the show means to them, one thing is for sure, the 18 castaways approach the competition with unwavering hunger and an unprecedented desire to win! According to the caption shared alongside the trailer – “A new era of Survivor has arrived and it’s going to be harder and more dangerous than ever.”

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If you have an entertainment scoop or story for us, please contact us at (323) 421-7515

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Silver Spring native Rabia Kamara wins ice cream reality show contest

This story was updated at 10:38 p.m. on September 8, 2021, to include comments from Rabia Kamara

Rabia Kamara, a native of Silver Spring and owner of an ice cream parlor in Richmond, Va., Won the grand prize of $ 20,000 in a reality show contest Monday night.

Kamara was one of three finalists who appeared on Monday night’s episode of The Food Network’s “Ben & Jerry’s Clash of the Cones”. The show features ice cream “masters” competing for a prize of $ 20,000 and a featured spot at a Ben & Jerry’s Scoop store or event in the winner’s hometown.

Kamara, 32, started her business, Ruby Scoops Ice Cream & Sweets, more than six years ago as a small business in Washington, DC’s Union Kitchen, according to her LinkedIn profile. Previously, she attended Montgomery County’s culinary institution, L’Académie de Cuisine, which has since closed.

Kamara told Bethesda Beat on Wednesday that she became interested in cooking around the age of 8, when her mother gave her a cookbook from Ms. Field.

Kamara, who is black, said working with celebrity chef Carla Hall, who is also black, early in her career was an inspiration.

“She was the first person I saw on TV who looked like me cooking, so it definitely played a role in my decision to pursue this career,” she said.

Kamara has worked at a number of DC area restaurants including 8407 Kitchen Bar, Addie’s, Blacksalt, and Republic Takoma, some of which have since closed. It was when she was a pastry chef at Republic that Kamara wanted to get into ice cream as a business.

“There was a family that had two daughters to whom we served ice cream, three scoops per serving,” she said.

Each of the girls was supposed to get a scoop, Kamara said. But it didn’t work that way.

“One of the little girls was distracted by something and the other ate both of their ice creams, which caused her to collapse, which reminded me of those times in my childhood. At that point, I decided that I wanted to be a part of those moments for the families to come for a long time, ”she said.

Since November 2020, Kamara has been operating its physical store in Richmond, which has been successful, she said on Wednesday.

In April, she interviewed The Food Network for a spot on “Clash of the Cones” and was accepted within a week. Filming took place at the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Vermont the following month, she said.

Kamara said one of her favorite things to do on the show was ‘resuscitating’ a flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard – a term referring to flavors no longer served by the company, which have become ‘dearly stripped’. “.

“It was cool because there were all six of us [contestants] and we got to see how everyone was approaching ice cream, ”she said.

In the final, the three remaining competitors each created their own flavor.

Kamara’s winning entry on “Clash of the Cones” was “Bia’s Black Joy Sundae”, consisting of malty salty Dulce de Leche, vanilla with dark chocolate brownie chunks, blondie brownie chunks and “caramel d ‘seafood seasoning,’ according to the Food Network blog. .

Kamara explained on Wednesday that the flavor was meant to represent her identity, both as a person of color and as a Marylander.

“Growing up as a black person in this country, I experienced a lot of joy, but also a lot of pain because of the way this country was set up so that we weren’t necessarily successful. So a big part of the reason I make ice cream is to make sweet memories through sweet treats, but it’s especially important that people who look like me can experience a few moments of joy and peace with the ice cream, ”she said.

The Old Bay flavored caramel represented the Maryland aspect of the sundae, Kamara said.

The winning ice cream entrepreneur believes there is something about dessert that is universally part of the human experience.

“Ice cream is forever and we get hooked on it from a young age,” she said.

Dan Schere can be contacted at [email protected]

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Launch of the fourth edition of the Ghana Cooks reality show “Ongalicious”

Cooking contest

The fourth edition of the reality show “Ongalicious Ghana Cooks, the Family Edition” has been launched with a cash prize of GH 100,000 up for grabs.

The launch of the fourth edition on the theme: “Developing Ghanaian Food Entrepreneurs Through Innovation and Culture” would see 12 unselected families display their cooking skills in various modern Ghanaian cuisines over a 13-week period.

Mr. Samir Sadaoui, Commercial Director of Promasidor Ghana Limited, speaking at the launch, said they are looking to identify culinary talents through this competition, thereby encouraging them to become great chefs in the industry, reviews gourmet restaurants, restaurant owners, among others.

“The main objective of the show is to empower budding chefs as well as to promote indigenous and modern Ghanaian cuisine to Ghanaians and the world at large.

“The food industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and offers excellent career opportunities that can be exploited. Identifying great culinary talents through this initiative and preparing them to become great industry leaders, such as chefs, restaurateurs, food critics or culinary experts, I think it would create jobs and add value to the Ghanaian economy, ”he said.

He also hinted that as the market leader in seasonings, they considered it imperative to lead the discussion on the growing talents that can help promote Ghanaian food culture and that the platform also serves corporate social responsibility.

Mrs. Harriet Kumi Boateng in her address on behalf of Mrs. Janet Edna Nyame. The executive director of the National Commission of Culture (NCC) stressed the need to create such competitions to allow the promotion of gastronomic tourism.

“The NCC has the mandate to ensure the growth and development of our culture by promoting our food, clothing, and more. Our food sets us apart from others, giving us a unique identity and even promoting tourism.

She begged the families involved in the competition to show their skills and teach Ghanaians the different types of food from different parts of the country and wished them good luck.

Families interested in taking part in Ghana’s biggest cooking reality show can tune into Onga Ghana social media platforms for more details.

The competition which was launched in 2015 has changed many participating individuals and families by providing them with unique brand experiences as well as opportunities in the food industry.

Send your news to [email protected] and via WhatsApp to +233 244244807
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‘The Ultimate Surfer’, clears Hanford Surf Ranch reality show | Filmanias | Entertainment

The San Joaquin Valley finally has the opportunity to share the entertainment spotlight on a grand scale. Or at least that’s hope. ABC’s new reality TV competition series “The Ultimate Surfer” has premiered and is being shot on location at the Surf Ranch located just outside Lemoore.

The premise of the show is simple: a handful of the world’s best junior level surfers are brought to the ranch to compete for $ 100,000. They can show off their skills, riding the pipeline and sculpting the water with unimaginable grace and agility.

The show – hosted by former NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer – features well-known surfers like Koa Smith, Tia Blanco, and surfer / model Anastasia Ashley hyphen. Even world famous surfer Kelly Slater – the owner of the Surf Ranch – makes a video appearance in the pilot episode to explain the purpose of the competition to competitors and the public.

It seems like an odd premise to have a surf competition over a hundred miles from the ocean in the middle of a rural country, but it’s actually a neat place. The accompaniment studio does not need to acquire the same license it would need to shoot on location on a public beach, as it uses private property.

The ranch also offers something quite unique that the Indomitable Ocean – in all its endless majesty – cannot: a man-made, evenly uniform wave turn after turn after turn. It’s revolutionary because the location is the first of its kind.

While various theme parks and resorts have wave pools like the ones you see in water parks or simulators, these waves aren’t even close to the same level of consistency. The ranch’s pool is longer than seven football fields, providing a perfect wave every time.

It’s impressive, but what’s not so impressive is the way the writers fill in the length of the 43-minute episodes. Most of the content focuses on the interpersonal interactions of competitors outside of the water. There are team-building activities and cool photos of them surfing on occasion, but a lot of screen time is spent on unnecessary drama-making.

It’s like the producers decided to recreate “Big Brother” and dropped it off at the Surf Ranch because it was a new and different place. This is disappointing given that the sport made its official debut this summer at the Tokyo Olympics; it was in fact one of the sports put forward for the Olympic Games.

It’s a shame that “The Ultimate Surfer” didn’t take a page from this book or other successful sports competition shows. Spending two-thirds of an episode watching the actors vaguely interact in various social settings or trying to do yoga in the morning isn’t as much fun as watching something really athletic like “American Gladiators” or – God forbid. preserves – Michael Jordan’s attempt to embark on a career as a golfer.

It’s a show that has potential if it’s produced well, but it looks like it could go on for a lot longer than its novelty allows and audiences will miss the lack of real competition. This new show ends with a gnarly erasure, my brother!

Garrett K. Jones is a local fantasy author. He currently has four books published in his current series, and he produces a YouTube vlog and the Creator’s Corner podcast (available on Spotify, Google and Apple). IG / Twitter: @gkj_publishing

Do not hesitate to contact him with suggestions of movie titles that you would like him to review.

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BTS returns with reality show In The SOOP season 2 in October: Bollywood News

South Korean juggernaut BTS returns with the second season of their reality show, In the SOOP. Last year the group launched the show where they spent several days in the forest.

In the SOOP version BTS (“soop” means “forest” in Korean) was shot in Gangwon-do Chuncheon and is a private house by the lake. It consisted of the main house with a living room, kitchen, 3 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, 4 terraces, a guest house on the lake which had 2 bedrooms / terrace and a large private courtyard.

The BTS members were in the woods playing games, spending time cooking, reading books and enjoying their well-deserved free time as a group, sharing anecdotes from their intern days and sharing a great camaraderie. The first season consisted of 8 episodes and 8 behind-the-scenes episodes. During the show, they even composed the theme song which was then recorded in their studio. It was a healing episode just watching seven members of BTS relax in the beautiful forest.

Season 2 of BTS in the SOOP will air in October 2021.

Meanwhile, on the work front, after their reign on the Billboard Hot 100 week after week with their second English single ‘Butter’, South Korean juggernaut BTS has released a remix featuring powerful rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

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Catch Us For Latest Bollywood News, Bollywood New Movies Update, Box Office Collection, New Movie Release, Bollywood News Hindi, Entertainment News, Bollywood News Today and Upcoming Movies 2020 and stay up to date with the latest Hindi movies only on Bollywood Hungama.

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Dixie & Charli D’Amelio on their Reality TV Show ‘Surreal’ Trailer (Exclusive)

Dixie & Charli D’Amelio on their Reality TV Show ‘Surreal’ Trailer (Exclusive)

It looks like Dixie and Charli D’Amelio could learn from each other when their new reality show premieres next month. In a new interview with ET at the Empire State Building, Dixie revealed that there were scenes in the Amelio Show trailer that she’s never seen in real life.

“I wanted to watch it because it was all spinning, we were all filming at different times. There was stuff that Charli was doing that I was like, ‘When did that happen?'” Dixie explained.

Charli, meanwhile, called it “surreal” to see the show come together.

“It was really a surreal moment to see him go from simple cameras around our house watching what we’re doing to see how it all goes and really see the very growth throughout the trailer,” he said. she declared.

“I think we’re just the most excited to let people come into our lives and let people have… a bigger picture,” added the girls’ father Marc D’Amelio. “It’s a really true representation of what it’s like to live in our home.”

The trailer shows several important moments for the family as Charli deals with the pressures of social media fame and Dixie pursues a budding music career.

“I’m excited to see what parts people can learn from,” Dixie told ET, while Charli suggested that maybe watching her and her sister cope with their own struggles could help others.

“You don’t have to have millions and millions of followers to feel the exact same emotions that we feel,” she said. “Maybe seeing how we handled this, or how we lean on the people we have around us, I feel like this is something that comes up a lot throughout the series. . So I’m really excited for everyone to see this. ”

“There is so much more that goes into every drop we have with [our brand] Social tourists or whatever we do, any business that we work with and work with together as a family, ”Charli added.

Dixie and Charli definitely made their parents proud.

“I’m so proud of them. I mean, I would be proud of them no matter what, they are good kids and they work hard and they always have,” exclaimed their mother Heidi. From Amelio. “During this trip, [I’m] trying to make sure the goal is to be happy, like any parent would, so I’m very proud. ”

The D’Amelio show premieres on Hulu with all eight episodes on September 3.

Noah Beck talks about body dysmorphia, Dixie D’Amelio and TikTok

‘The D’Amelio Show’ Trailer Gives Fans A Glimpse Of TikTok Celebrity

Dixie D’Amelio says family “gave up a lot of our privacy” for the show

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Southern Charm: 10 Best Quotes From The Reality TV Show

Just like his brother Bravo The real housewives, Southern charm has built a huge fan base who can’t wait to hear what the stars say next. Each member of the cast brings their voice to the show, resulting in some entertaining quotes as some reality stars are big party-goers and others, like Cameran and Patricia, are easier to understand and more down to earth- down.

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As Shep and Craig fight, Patricia proves why she’s the most sophisticated actor, or Cam puts it like it is, the cast of Southern charm are famous for their memorable quotes. These statements are the ones that have marked the most fans over the 7 seasons.

ten “You’re just unhappy with yourself. Why else would you want to come see me all the time?

shep and craig on southern charm

Over the 7 seasons of Southern charm, fans watched the very close friendship between Shep and Craig. The two often feel more like brothers than pals, as they make fun of each other in a light way. Sometimes things get a little more tense between them, like when Craig said that to Shep in Season 4. Fans can learn from Southern charm, and that often involves looking at a long-standing friendship and seeing how the two parties treat each other.

Craig honestly asked Shep why they had so much conflict, and it was hard to see such good friends arguing. But as is often the case with a fight on a reality TV show, it can be difficult to choose sides as both stars appear to be right and wrong.

9 “What’s wrong with my stitching?” “

Craig’s love for sewing is well known to fans of this reality TV series. While it was a hobby at first, Craig is so passionate about sewing that he started a line of pillows and it looks like it’s going really well.

Some people weren’t so sure about how Craig was spending his time, including his ex-girlfriend Naomie. This is one of the best quotes in the series because Craig was upset and wondered why his friends judged him so harshly. He just wanted to express his creativity.

8 “Not everyone wants to be on reality TV. “

When the question of Cam’s husband Jason came up in a meeting, Cam said so in response. Fans were curious why he hadn’t filmed any scenes, but it made sense that she wanted to keep some of her private life.

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Like many others Southern charm quotes, this one is even more meaningful now, as Cam left the show after season 6. She might have been talking about her husband, but now her statement explains how she feels too. Cam felt the time had come to say goodbye to him, and his absence was definitely felt.

7 “Be frank with me, either you want to be a fucking lawyer or you don’t.”

Craig and Naomi in Southern Charm

One of the most dramatic moments of Southern charm was about Craig’s journey to becoming a lawyer. His co-stars weren’t sure if he’d accepted the bar, and there were plenty of questions about this time in his life.

Craig’s girlfriend at the time, Naomie, was the one who told Craig this bold statement in Season 4, and fans loved her, as she tried to unravel the mystery. No one would have cared if Craig had said he didn’t want to do law after all. His friends just wanted him to be honest and find something to make him happy.

6 “If Kathryn has Thomas Ravenel’s baby, I can assure you that she won’t be working a day in her life.

Southern Charm's Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel get joint custody of the children

Cameran’s quote is even more powerful today than it was when she first said it, as fans watched Kathryn and Thomas’ intermittent relationship for several seasons. Cam was simply telling it as it was: since the Ravenels are a wealthy and well-known family, it seemed like Kathryn would have a comfortable life.

Sadly, the couple’s love story has taken many twists and turns, and they are co-parents but no longer together. Viewers appreciated Cam’s down-to-earth, down-to-earth attitude, and that’s one of the reasons she missed the show.

5 “I don’t have a husband right now, so I fill the house with butlers. You can’t have too many butlers.”

michael giving patricia a drink with southern charm

Patricia is one of the friendliest actors on Southern charm because she truly embodies a sophisticated lifestyle. Over the years, fans have seen her and her beloved butler, Michael, serve her cocktails and help her on her amazing parties.

This is one of the best quotes from Patricia because it is hilarious and explains so much, due to the fact that she has been married to her chic lifestyle several times. The other cast members often visit Patrica for drinks and advice, and she is always interested in their lives, which is so sweet to see. And whatever scene Patricia finds herself in, she’s bound to say something compelling.

4 “Everyone gets a ticket on the hot mess express.”

Southern Charm's Shep, Cam and Thomas are on the set of WWHL

Reality TV fans rely on stars to always know what they are thinking, as these straightforward statements create entertaining and humorous moments, but they also sometimes speak to the theme of the show. In this case, Cam made this statement and explained that sometimes, Southern charm is a bit messy.

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Cam’s quote is great because she could have just said people were getting a little wild or dramatic. But instead, she summed up the drama in a clever way, and it worked really well.

3 “Leisure is what excites me.”

Shep Rose Southern Charm Short

Less sympathetic Southern charm cast members, Shep has lost fans over the years. He is known for casually dating and surprising viewers when he started a more serious relationship in a recent season.

This quote explains why Shep doesn’t work out and why he’s totally okay with it, and it definitely sums up his personality. He’s pretty cold about most things in life, except when he’s fighting with Craig, and he seems quite comfortable with the lifestyle he’s leading.

2 “I have no interest in an inferior martini.”

Patricia once proved her elegance and love for a good drink with this beautiful quote.

Patricia’s belief in a good martini stands in stark contrast to the way some of her co-stars party. They may be okay with drinking beer and a lot, but Patricia has a higher level, and viewers love it about her. Patricia balances the show’s wild moments, whether she’s talking to her son Whitney, being the perfect host for a dinner party, or giving advice on etiquette.

1 “The typical Charleston guy has tenth degree PPS, which is Peter Pan syndrome.”

Shep Rose and Cameran Eubanks laugh in a car

The first two seasons of Southern charm introduced fans to the culture of Charleston and fans saw that the cast loved to party and casually go out.

Cam’s quote is important because she made it clear to viewers that they would see a lot of young people having fun and trying not to grow taller. This is also an important quote since Cam has always been the “voice of reason” actor and the person who has tried to give others helpful advice to become more mature and adult.

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Split Image of Daredevil: Born Again, Guardian Devil and Truth / Dare

Daredevil: 8 most iconic comic book panels

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Bake Sale Showdown Reality Show Seeking Local Candidates

Content of the article

If you’re a baker in the London area, this fall might be the time to shine.

Content of the article

Bake Sale Showdown, a reality TV show designed to raise money for charity, is looking for bakers to audition for its second season, which begins filming in September.

“We know there are a lot of skilled people out there who (cook) for fun, have always dreamed of having a business, or want to show people what they can do. These are the people we want to see, ”said Mark Drewe, director and co-producer of the show.

In each episode, two teams face off in a bake sale battle to see who can sell the most baked goods for a charity of their choice. Teams are made up of two to three people of all ages, 12 years old and over.

To audition for Bake Sale Showdown, applicants can complete an online form and submit a video showcasing who they are, who is on their team and what their skills are, Drewe said.

Content of the article

The show, created by Mosaic Mind Pictures Inc., a London-based production company, will have five episodes this year, up from four last year. It will be shot in five different locations, including Boler Mountain, Growing Chefs! and Apple Land Station in Thames Center, just east of London. The producers are also considering two locations in east London.

“Now that we are a little known in the city, we have the opportunity to do even more with the locations that we have,” said Drewe. “We can get contestants to do fun things and challenge them in different ways. “

Filming for the show takes place from September 28 to October 8 outdoors with COVID-19 security measures. It will air on Bell Fibe TV between late spring and early summer 2022.

Last year, the show raised over $ 12,000 for community charities. Every dollar raised through the show goes directly to selected charities, Drewe said.

“The show is not only fun, pastry and culinary, but it also has a social impact,” he said.

Auditions end on September 6 (Labor Day). To apply, visit

[email protected]

The Local Journalism Initiative is funded by the Government of Canada

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