Celebrities go head-to-head in reality show inspired by ‘Dirty Dancing’


Nobody puts baby in the corner.

Dancer, choreographer and TV personality Stephen “tWitch” Boss hosts the new Fox dance competition series “The Real Dirty Dancing,” which puts eight famous contestants through iconic dance numbers from the 1987 film.

“It’s basically a celebration of ‘Dirty Dancing.’ It’s the 35th anniversary and this movie has become such an amazing classic,” Boss, 39, told The Post.

“We can relive all the moments, and the way we can do that is for our incredible cast of eight different celebrities from different walks of life to revisit where they actually shot ‘Dirty Dancing’.”

Premiering Tuesday (Feb. 1) at 9 p.m., “The Real Dirty Dancing,” was filmed at Virginia’s Mountain Lake Lodge, which was the site of Kellerman’s Catskills resort in the film. The celebrities competing are WWE wrestler Brie Bella, “High School Musical” star Corbin Bleu; Tyler Cameron (“The Bachelorette”); Cat Cora the first female “Iron Chef”; Howie Dorough, member of the “Backstreet Boys”; former NFL player Antonio Gates; Anjelah Johnson-Reyes (“MADtv”), “MADtv” comedian; and “The Real” host Loni Love.

“The Real Dirty Dancing” Affair members Brie Bella, Antonio Gates, Tyler Cameron, Loni Love and Corbin Bleu recreate the watermelon scene from “Dirty Dancing.”
Host Stephen
Host Stephen “tWitch” Boss (left) with actors Corbin Bleu, Antonio Gates, Cat Cora, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, Howie Dorough, Loni Love, Tyler Cameron and Brie Bella.
Baby (Jennifer Grey) and Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) in "Dirty dance."
Baby (Jennifer Grey) and Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) in “Dirty Dancing”.

They team up in pairs and try to recreate dances from the movie in front of judges until one pair is finally crowned as the winners “Baby” and “Johnny” (for Grey’s nickname in the movie and the character of Swayze, Johnny Castle).

“When I paired everyone up, I was really thinking not only about their skill level and personality, but also how they would work together as partners and what they could learn from each other. “, said Boss. “I can’t say too much, but…it’s exciting all the way. Lonnie Love said she did this to show that this movie was for everyone. They may not look exactly like Patrick Swayze or Jennifer Grey, but what they bring to the table are different sides, whether it’s flirtation or confidence or dares. a total competition sequence.

On screen, dancers recreate scenes from the film such as carrying a watermelon, practicing water jumping, and the iconic final dance number, including the legendary lift.

“Not only do we honor, but [we are] respect,” Boss said.

Boss, who is best known for “So You Think You Can Dance?and “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” said he had his own personal story with “Dirty Dancing.”

Tyler Cameron stands in the water, lifting Cat Cora in his arms.
Tyler Cameron and Cat Cora practice the famous lift in the water scene from ‘Dirty Dancing’ on new competition show ‘The Real Dirty Dancing’.
Cat Cora, Brie Bella Tyler Cameron, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, Antonio Gates, Loni Love, Corbin Bleu and Howie Dorough with host Stephen "tic" boss in "The real dirty dancing."
Cat Cora, Brie Bella Tyler Cameron, Anjelah Johnson-Reyes, Antonio Gates, Loni Love, Corbin Bleu and Howie Dorough with host Stephen “tWitch” Boss on “The Real Dirty Dancing.”
Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray crawl on the floor towards each other "Dirty dance."
Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray as Johnny and Baby in ‘Dirty Dancing’.

“I started dancing a little late. I didn’t grow up dancing in the studio and taking dance lessons like that,” he said. “So when I found ‘Dirty Dancing’, which was nice in my college career, seeing the machismo and masculine energy that Swayze brought, I found it incredibly inspiring. I feel like I’m wearing a bit of that with me; the confidence he used.

“I was a dance student, so wearing very tight pants and open shirts was no stranger to me,” he said. “Patrick Swayze gave me a lot of confidence in how you can strut your stuff while doing this. There’s something about being in a place where they [filmed the movie] – I felt like I was in a place where someone was doing something incredibly important.

“Especially if you’re a fan of the film, the journey is nothing short of spectacular,” he said. “We have nostalgic moments [and] a few surprise guests that people will be delighted with. It’s a beautiful sight to watch.

Host Stephen "tic" the pattern wears 1960s-inspired yarn to get in the spirit of "dirty dance" in "The real dirty dancing."
Host boss Stephen “tWitch” wears 1960s-inspired yarn to get into the “Dirty Dancing” spirit in “The Real Dirty Dancing.”

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