Celebrity and actor Jyotsnareddy will star in a business reality show “Beauty Business”


Beauty and fashion play a very central role in the entertainment industry. Glam and Glamor go hand in hand when it comes to creating a craft. Each new art form now requires a unique talent. The pandemic has overtaken conventional ideas. Welcoming new talent from various fields is one of them. As influencers shine on social media, people in other professions are now extending their passion into the entertainment landscape.

Whether it’s Kylie Jenner or Addison Rae, these divas have gone from beauty brand owners to major media personalities. In reality, these multi-taskers surprised us with a glamorous debut. Asians have become flat carriers of this trend. The perfect blend of beauty and passion, Jyotsna has put South Asia on the global beauty map.

Not only has she gained huge popularity on social media, but she has also gained impressive experience in the beauty industry. She was the force behind the curation of groundbreaking beauty brand Glam Hour by implementing innovation best practices and is known for practicing a policy that promotes equality in the workplace.

As a passionate philanthropist, she was the driving force behind creating a community hotspot that fosters positivity, empowerment and inspiration for many women named after one of her brands. Recently, the beauty icon announced her debut with a reality show in the entertainment world. The title is advertised as Beauty Business. A spokesperson for Jyotsna said, “The series will revolve around Jyotsna’s professional journey navigating the complicated world of relationships, careers and aspirations in the fast-paced world of fashion and beauty. The story celebrates the ups and downs of hustling women in real life.”.


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