Chef Nti on his new cooking show, closing his restaurant and giving back to Save The Children


Her new show is all about celebrating special occasions.

Her new cooking show ‘To celebrate! With Chief Nti!’ on the Food Network is enjoying special moments with family and friends, whether it’s Christmas, Easter, weddings or traditional ceremonies. She finds the perfect dishes.

In one of the episodes, the Food Network star spends a day with children from Save The Children who have partnered with Discovery RISE (Reducing Inequality and Supporting Empowerment) to give young children culinary fun while showing them some -some of his tricks.

“Spending time with the kids was special to me. Coming from Soweto, I resonate so much with being a young dreamer,” she told Drum.

“The whole experience was meant to inspire the kids to look beyond their circumstances and encourage them to learn valuable cooking skills.”

“We gave the kids exciting opportunities to spend the day with myself and Chef Katlego. Not only did they cook up a storm, but they also had a front row seat to see themselves in action, during the exclusive screening of the brand new season of each of the chef’s shows.

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In 2020, Chef Nti launched ‘Street food in Africa’a TV show that took viewers on a journey through South Africa, from its cities to townships, to discover what defines South African culinary culture.

In 2018, she opened Taste Kitchen by Chef Nti, a restaurant located in the heart of Maboneng, Johannesburg. The restaurant offered an exclusive African experience through food, music and tourism, but she closed it in 2020.

“It was useless anymore,” she said.

“Maboneng was full of culture and entering the compound was an experience in itself, but that changed and also due to Covid-19 I needed a fresh start.”

She still hopes to open a restaurant.

“I’m all about the food and providing an experience for my guests. My kitchen is clean and I like to taste the flavors of everything I eat and retain the flavors of my food while being hearty and giving you a feeling of nostalgia.

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Chef Nti has always loved cooking and took her love for food seriously in 2015, after overcoming personal and financial challenges the previous year. Previously, she was a successful businesswoman and ran a facilities management company that helped clean up the Johannesburg compound during the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

” I come from far away. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made,” she says.

His book, Chef Nti, my modern African cuisine has been a success.

“I love everything African and inspiring. My food tells an African story and that’s what I want my restaurant to be in the future,” she says.

“But I had to offer people more than just a culinary experience, but a taste of our cultures and our experiences.”


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