Colors Infinity Launches Commercial Reality Show “The Inventor Challenge” on August 27


Colors Infinity is set to launch its commercial reality show “The Inventor Challenge” on August 27. This unique show provides a platform for big ideas. Enterprising inventors will have the opportunity to present their proposals and turn them into prototypes before realizing them. These innovations will come to life under the guidance and suggestions of a talented team of four panelists and mentors – Vaibhav Chhabra and Anupama Gowda. With its knowledge and experience, the quintet will help inventors to evolve in the salon.

Launching from August 27, 2022, the show will air on Colors Infinity and will stream on The Inventor Challenge YouTube channel.

Esteemed names like Dhruv Madhok and Dhruv Bhasin – co-founders of Arata, a fast growing internet driven personal care brand, Sarover Zaidi a social design practitioner and design thinker and Malini Agarwal – Influencer, TV host and entrepreneur will be seen as panelists on the show.

As the backbone of the show, panelists will be seen guiding and evaluating inventors. The road to finding great talent will begin with attendees from the maker community discussing their ideas with panelists, who will select a few promising inventors to advance through the show. Then the mentors will help nurture the ideas of the top two inventors in a live lab. In the final countdown, these two ideas will be brought to life and presented to various consumer focus groups. Based on which a winner is chosen in each episode.

Speaking of the show, panelist, Dhruv Madhok, co-founder of Arata, said, “I am thrilled to be part of this unique show. We will surely meet many innovative and different inventors. It will be a difficult task for us as panelists to judge and select the best of them.

Dhruv Bhasin, co-founder of Arataadds, “A distinctive show like The Inventor Challenge will provide a platform for inventors to share and discuss their individual proposals. The most deserving person will receive recognition. I look forward to commendable innovative ideas from all the brilliant minds who will attend the show. »

Sharing his opinions, Malini Agrawal, said, “The Inventor’s Challenge is a fair for everyday people with big ideas. This show provides an amazing opportunity for people who are unable to present their unique ideas to a larger audience. I’m thrilled to be a part of a show like this that nurtures and helps talent flourish.

Sarover Zaidiwho will be considered the show’s panelist, shares, “This show will not only be a recognition for designers and inventors, but it is also an opportunity for me to interact with a range of minds and creators. I am delighted to be a part of the show and I look forward to meeting different inventors and helping them turn their ideas into reality and something they can take forward in our society.

Watch ‘The Inventor Challenge’, starting August 27, 2022 on Colors Infinity and The Inventor Challenge Youtube channel.


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