Dannii Minogue to Host New Gay Dating Reality Show ‘I Kissed a Boy’


The gay gods of heaven seem to be hard at work! BBCThree announced that singer and LGBTQI icon Dannii Minogue is set to host a new UK gay dating reality show, tentatively titled I kissed a boy.

“There are millions of people in the UK looking for love. And I believe love is for everyone. So I’m delighted that a gay dating show is entering the sea of ​​other shows dating programs that have been on TV for years, Dannii said in a statement.

Sealed with a kiss

The eight-part reality show will follow 10 single men who travel to Europe to find the man of their dreams. According to the producers of the Twofour show, even before contestants arrive, they will be matched with their “strongest match”. As soon as they meet, there will be “no chatting, no flirting (flirting and bantering)” – the couples will have to head straight for a kiss.

Danii Minogue

The premise seems made for a gay rom-com and who better to host it than Danni, who, along with his singer sister Kylie Minogue, have been staunch LGBTQI allies.

Danni first rose to fame in the 1980s on the show The time of young talentsbefore debuting on At home and away. She followed her sister into the music industry and produced dance hits like who do you love now and All I want to do.

In an interview with stargazer previously, Dannii recalled playing in gay clubs. “I used to play in gay clubs when other artists didn’t. It was something a lot of artists didn’t do, but I thought, I don’t care what someone says I’m going to do it anyway It’s not just gay people supporting me, I support them – it’s just been a good healthy back and forth Something that’s evolved over time Danni had said.

Dannii excited to play Cupid

Danni said she was thrilled “to have a gay dating show join the love-seeking mix on TV” and was thrilled to play Cupid to gay people. “I’ve been a staunch ally of the LGBTQ+ community for as long as I can remember. My close friends know my dream job title would be ‘Cupid’ – so it also gives me that floating love feeling at the moment. inside, just to be part of it. Let’s hope there’s love, sealed with a kiss!” Danii said.

David Brindley, CEO of Twofour, said the series “will revel in telling stories we don’t always hear about, seeing heartwarming new relationships blossom, and celebrating inclusivity from start to finish.”

The production house calls on single homosexuals to apply to be part of the series. To apply, send your CV and a short cover letter to [email protected]


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