DeJONGHE: Anything and everything can be turned into a reality show


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It’s so good to be able to go out and do some gardening.

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I don’t really do much, leaving it to my sister Denise, who by her own admission is a gardener who needs gardens to do.

I go out and help, but I would never call myself a gardener.

I’ve learned that my ideas and opinions, even when asked for, are never appropriate or satisfying to my gardener, so I just run and fetch, pull weeds, top , to load and take out garbage bins. Over the years it became a choice between doing it all myself or just letting her do it. I chose the latter.

When Denise has done whatever she deems necessary, I cook lunch and we sit down and visit on the porch. This is a win/win and achievable solution to meet both of our needs.

Is everyone inundated with scam calls? There seem to be quite a few – grandkids in jail, visa fees or Revenue Canada sending cops to chain you up.

It slowed down for a while but seems to have intensified lately. I let all calls go to the answering machine if I don’t recognize the number and most hang up. Anyone who really wants to talk to me would leave a message.

Recently I received an interesting one who actually left a message. The message read: “If this is you, press one. If that’s not you, press two. There was no indication of who “you” were, who the caller was, or a number to call.

It was good for a laugh.

These days, anything and everything can be turned into a reality or competition show. There is a set formula for each of them, the only change being the subject. Yelling, swearing, yelling and a customary disaster or two are the norm in all of them. Some obviously seem scripted and edited, which belies the reality status.

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There is a plethora of home decorating, home improvement and building shows, cooking and baking shows, extreme living, matchmaking, dating, tumor removal, botched plastic surgery, survival (alone, off-grid, or naked); house hunting, vehicle restoration, salvage finds, mining, hunting, fishing, catching snakes, rats and alligator demonstrations; erect amazing structures with Legos and dominoes; being rich, a housewife or married to an athlete is worthy of a movie; the ability to tattoo, shop, design, sew, sing, and dance (with or without a mask) makes for a good contest.

I could go on and I’m sure you could add to the list. Between sports, news and British mysteries, I watch a few cooking shows, Ink Masters, The Voice and the occasional home improvement show.

I don’t like the histrionics that seem to be baked into each of these shows and I don’t understand the appeal.

I appreciate when people write to me to offer information, advice or opinions. Thanks James for the email. I followed the research you suggested, which was enlightening.

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