discovery + unveils first preview of ‘Star vs Food’ cooking show on its first anniversary


From their larger-than-life portrayals onscreen to their glamorous off-screen lifestyles, Bollywood has something fabulous about it. But what happens when our favorite celebrities take to the backstage serving a celebrity-approved dining experience to truly special guests? discovery +, the first and largest aggregate real-life entertainment network in India which recently celebrated its first anniversary, is ready to give audiences the whole scoop with a first look at the food action, fun and most of all the chaos that will ensue in their exciting new star-studded cooking show “Star for food”. Diffusion from 15e April on discovery +, each week will feature influential Bollywood personalities Kareena Kapoor Khan, Malaika Arora, Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor and Pratik Gandhi.

From diva Kareena Kapoor Khan rigorously grating an entire block of cheese in her first post-maternity challenge of making pizza; Karan Johar’s hilarious warning about a hot pot with him saying: ‘Mere khoobsoorat chehre by, daag toh na lag Jaye‘; Malaika Arora’s fear of cutting and cleaning an entire fish as she recreates a dish straight out of her mother’s cookbook; With Arjun Kapoor struggling to dice tomatoes with Pratik Gandhi looking puzzled at the task at hand, the teaser released today is a perfect indication of the fun in the store.

Rightly titled “Star vs Food,” the new celebrity cooking show features weekly episodes of stars who challenge themselves to cook a meal for loved ones under the supervision of a professional chef. Starring Mumbai’s popular gourmet restaurants and the show’s local culinary talents, such as Chef at The Lovefools Restaurant Sarita Pereira, Chef Vidit Aren from Slink and Bardot, Chef Prateek Sadhu from Restaurant Masque, Chef Lakhan from Mizu and Butler and Bayleaf Chef Gulaam Gouse Deewani promises to be a treat for audiences across the country.

Speaking on the premiere of ‘Star vs Food’ Issac John Business Head – Direct-to-Consumer Head – APAC, Discovery noted, “It’s been a year since discovery + launched in India and last year we delivered a visual experience with a distinct value proposition for lifelong learners and passionate communities. Among tens of thousands of rave reviews over the past year, our users describe discovery + as a “breathtaking”, “educational”, “entertaining”, “worth every penny” and “must-have app” app. It only motivated us to further elevate their experience. He also added: “We are now delighted to dive into our first exclusive ‘Star vs Food’ lifestyle with some of the biggest Indian celebrities who have ruled hearts in India and with Star vs Food we will find out if they are. can rule the kitchen for their loved ones.

Celebrity Quotes:

On her experience on ‘Star vs Food’, the quintessential style icon and Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan noted, “For Kapoor’s, food has always been a passion! It’s this element that brings us all together and, like most families, is a focal point for any special occasion. Good food is something that should bring you joy just through experience and for me my favorite has always been Italian, especially since it was the thing I craved the most during my pregnancy. I was so happy to be a part of Star vs Food because it actually gave me the opportunity to perfect the art of making pizza! which is absolute crowd pleaser at home and can’t wait to recreate it at home.

At the show’s premiere, the director Karan johar Noted, “Food is such an important part of our life. We all have fond memories of shared meals with friends and family and there is always that person in your family or group of friends who is a great cook and loves to feed everyone. I wasn’t that person and I was never very keen on cooking, but that all changed when my babies started to grow. I found discovery + ‘Star vs Food’ to be an exciting experience. Cooking under the guidance of a pro like Chef Lakhan was a real eye-opener and I really enjoyed every minute of it. I have a long way to go, but thanks to this experience, I think I could find myself in the kitchen more often! “

On this last meeting in the kitchen with discovery +, Arjun Kapoor noted, “I’m a foodie at heart and while nothing can beat the food my grandpa cooks, I have a few seconds close. We Kapoor really know our food, but eating it and cooking it are two very different things, and boy! Did my experience on the show teach me exactly that. I now have a new respect for the many food geniuses and my own chefs whose skills and patience are the source of some of my most favorite food memories. Special thanks to Gulaam Gouse Deewani who taught me a thing or two about cooking.

“Everyone knows I want to eat healthy and be mindful of the food we use to nourish our bodies, but when I think of the ultimate dish that is nostalgic, heartwarming, and just plain delicious, there is no such thing as ‘a healthy meal of fish and rice. Cooking is something I learned for my son who challenged me when he was in school to cook homemade meals for him and now I am delighted to be able to further hone these skills with a few others. tricks of the trade from one of my favorite chefs, Prateek Sadhu. Star vs Food has brought together all of my favorite things – spending time with your loved ones, looting someone’s kitchen and of course delicious food! “, Malaika Arora said of her ‘Star vs Food’ experience.

Elaborating on his experience on the show, Pratik Gandhi noted, “As an actor, my schedule rarely allows me to choose and cook a meal for myself or my family. My wife is my ultimate chef who always remembers my favorites and tries to give me a dose of homemade goodness every now and then. So when the opportunity presented itself to me, to treat her to an extravagant dining experience, prepared by me under the tutelage of one of the culinary masterminds of Mumbai, how could I pass this up!

Get ready to watch delicious cuisines cooked by your favorite celebs at the premiere of ‘Star vs Food’ with the first episode featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan cooking for her friends under the supervision of a professional chef, airing from the April 15 only on discovery +.

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