‘Drag Race Espana’ Stop It With This Season 2 Talent Show


Drag Race Spain just released quite possibly the dumbest, sloppiest episode in franchise history, and for once I want to say that in the right direction. I know that’s a bold statement! Lord knows there are many drag race out there in the world. In fact, this particular episode is the 21st episode of a drag race series to air in 2022 – and we’re just 14 weeks into the new year. Hell, this is the fourth talent show we’ve seen this year, following the two that debuted RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 and RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs. the World. That’s why I wasn’t too excited to tackle this week Drag Race Spain. Really, how many times could I watch a queen lip sync and choreograph to her own track? I did not expect so much above the norm for Drag Race Spain first talent show.

I was wrong. I was so wrong. And if you sleep Drag Race Spain Season 2, then you’re wrong too. This talent show left my jaw completely unbalanced and hanging. From start to finish, from that literally transformative first issue to “will she jump from there?” to end it all “will she jump from there”, episode 2 of Drag Race Spain Season 2 is the one everyone drag race fan must watch – even if you’ve never seen a single episode of this spin-off before.

Let’s talk about how talent shows usually go. Since the introduction of the challenge in All of RuPaul’s Drag Race Stars In season 2, we saw highs (“Same Parts”) and lows (“Why you mad tho?”). We’ve seen queens kill a burlesque act (BenDeLaCreme’s Night of a Thousand Nipples) and a burlesque act kill a queen (poor Farrah Moan). The queens turned bubbles by blowing, using velcro, and turning their trash into talents – and then there’s all the stuff you call Jimbo’s talent.

We’ve seen plenty of talent/variety shows over the years, but we’ve never seen one so consistently OMG and WTF inducing as what Drag Race Spain Season 2 has just been served.

The 11 acts were prodigious and/or perfectly stupid. All the tea: every queen that has performed in from Spain the talent show would absolutely be rated safe or high if it happened in another season – and even more tea: most would win. Part of the gagging comes from the budget. Almost every number was accompanied by a lineup of male dancers, all scantily clad in unique looks to heighten the mood. And many of those performances we set against ever-changing lighting, props, and backdrops the likes of which we rarely see in other talent shows. Every number looked polished to perfection, and the queens absolutely lived up to the hype surrounding them.

Drag Race Espana - Drag Sethlas Talent Show
Photo: Wonderland

Drag Sethlas served the reality of G1 Transformer before getting into those ginormous platformers. Jota Carajota gave us a comedic/gothic performance that showed off her vocal and keyboard skills, and Juriji Der Klee did the legacy of opera divas proud with those pipes. We saw a stunning selection of slapstick acts, ranging from Venedita Von Däsh’s peasant-gurl-turned-sexpot act to Estrella Xtravaganza’s fast-food striptease. The season’s most fashion-forward queens – Marina and Onyx – delivered two jaw-dropping lip-sync numbers, one an alien fever dream and the other a celestial vision.

Drag Race Espana - Marina Talent Show
Photo: Wonderland

Even the former replacement, doing choreography to your original song, left the judges screaming. I’ll just say this: when it comes to turning the party on with a performance in 2022, Jorgeous and Pangina Heals have a sister in Diamante Merybrown.

And as if all that weren’t enough, the episode features a beastly track that includes gruesome revelations and monstrous beauty like we’ve never seen on drag race before – and remember, we’ve seen a sexy Gremlin lip-sync before for a lifetime.

Obviously just reading my vague descriptions of these numbers doesn’t do them justice, and I’ve kept it as vague as possible because drag race fans should experience this episode as spoiler-free as possible. It’s the drag race talent show you’ve been waiting for, and now every other talent show has to try to break the high bar set by Drag Race Spain.

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