Edmonton girl, 10, launches new cooking show at the Garneau Theater



Edmonton is the site of a new cooking show, with a host who is still in elementary school.

“Cooking with Kyssara” will be broadcast on Telus Optik TV and a special screening took place Monday evening at the Théâtre Garneau.

“It’s about teaching kids at a young age to cook, because a lot of kids need to learn those skills to be older,” 10-year-old host Kyssara Mueller told CTV news Edmonton.

The 5th grade student and his mother Anne started watching cooking shows together.

When the pandemic hit, they started filming their cooking sessions on a cellphone.

Then the couple decided to take it to the next level and they got help from Telus Storyhive.

“I hired a cinematographer and we worked together and discussed a vision for the show, and we rented a house and did all the cooking there for a few weeks,” Anne Mueller said.

Kyssara chose the recipes and she included inspiration from her German and Vietnamese ancestors.

She also accepted submissions that other children sent.

“Ever since I was young, my mother loved to cook, so I always cooked with her because it was always so much fun and enjoyable to do it with her.”

“My favorite thing I’ve cooked on the show is baking s’mores. It’s like a kind of s’more cake,” she said.

Kyssara plans to continue cooking but she also enjoys taking care of animals, so she may not become a professional chef.


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