Everything We Know About Dan Levy’s New Reality Show The Big Brunch


Schitt’s Creek and Food Network fans are in for a treat, as Dan Levy is back to host The big brunch, a brand new cooking contest, and it’s time to talk about the show. Once the face and moderator of Canada’s The hills, Levy considers his latest program the perfect culmination of his past experiences hosting reality TV and scripted comedy. Both genres are known for attracting a large (and consistent) LGBTQ+ fanbase and following.

HBO Max launches another hedge fund-sized budget for The big brunch. The idea came to Levy in a dream, after being obsessed with television thrills, The Great British Bake Off and The great Canadian pastry fair. On their formats, “You can put people together in a “competitive situation” and it’s not a competition…[but, rather] a baker and his own potential“, exclaims Levy in an interview with Weekly entertainment. The heartwarming show has a new format and star judges, and aims to elevate the doses and the mimosas in a perfectly plated presentation.


The world famous chef’s table

Joining Levy is Brooklyn-based culinary queen and internet personality Chef Sohla El-Waylly. Best known for her role on YouTube’s viral hit channel, enjoy your food, she is the owner of “Hail Mary”, a fine New Age restaurant in New York; however the establishment is currently closed. El-Waylly then resigned from enjoy your food, and its release went viral, as it raised a red flag on company-wide racial discrimination. The complaints resulted in an explosive reception and a major loss of viewership for the channel; However, El-Waylly garnered a positive following to propel her career further. She proudly welcomes the New York Timeshit series, Mystery menuon Youtube.

Restaurateur Will Guidara is on board. Founder of “NoMad,” a restaurant/hotel fusion based in New York, Los Angeles, and a future location in Las Vegas in 2024, Guidara is a three-star winner of the James Beard Award. He looks forward to candidate growth through constructive criticism. “I think it’s a rare alchemy to have an enthusiast, a chef and a restaurateur living together in a way where we really appreciate each other.“said Levy EOfor choosing Al-Wylly and Guidara as the fan-favorite judging panel.

The program highlights a competition featuring ten warm-hearted home cooks, who share the dream of opening a brunch restaurant. In two weeks and eight episodes, The big brunch documents the cast members as they attempt to become the only surviving leader. The Last Hope won $300,000 that will change his life. The show’s first three episodes, “Today’s Brunch Special is You,” “The Day After Brunch” and “Farm To Table Brunch,” will air next month.

The big brunch premieres November 10, 2022, streaming exclusively on HBOMax

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