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Exatlón México may no longer be broadcast. Does reality TV fail?

Recently, they assured that due to the small audience, unfortunately the fifth season Exatlón México, something that undoubtedly surprised viewers quite a bit.

Sadly, the fifth season of reality The sports car Exatlón México, directed by Antonio Rosique, did not have the expected success.

And it is for this reason that it is believed that the fifth season may be on hiatus in the coming weeks.

According to various rumors on social networks, the reality show did not respect the expectations they had from him, and a new season of My Couple Can with Facundo would already be brewing.

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However, this situation would be far from being confirmed, since reinforcements continue to appear, extending the duration of the program more and more and even the name of the possible eliminated this Sunday has already leaked.

According to Keyla, a character who became famous for filtering out spoilers, this situation would not be so.

However, there is public dissatisfaction with the way the fifth season has been carried out.

Keyla assured that they had to change their strategy because bringing legends to clash, in addition to international duels, was not as effective.

This secures Keyla, who is one of the most important spoiler providers for Exatlón México.

So, despite all the theories that have emerged about it, nothing has been said about the duration of the program.

It should be mentioned that the program in its previous shows has shown good ratings, positioning it as one of Tv Azteca’s most successful programs.

However, sadly, in his 2021 show of Exatlón México, they assure him that he could disappear soon, because despite the strategies to create controversy, audiences like him in his previous seasons have not been reached.

Exatlón México is a Mexican sports competition program based on Turkey’s original format produced by TV Azteca for Azteca 7 in its first season and in Azteca Uno the second through fifth season premieres.

It was created on October 16, 2017, hosted by sports host Antonio Rosique.

At the beginning, it had 20 participants, divided into two teams of 10 members: the Famosos (Reds) and the Contendientes (Blue) (1, 2 and 3 seasons), while in season 4 the teams were named Titans ( Reds). ) and Heroes (Blue), in season 5, they will be called Guardians (Reds) and Conquerors (Blue).

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