Experiencing India’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss was an unforgettable experience, says emcee and radio jockey MJ Rakesh


There are so many that a few shows, especially reality shows, are creating buzz. The rise of these shows in the Indian TV industry has accelerated since the time they started airing the Indian version of the highly acclaimed foreign show originally named Big Brother. Since then, many other Bigg Boss shows have been created in different Indian languages, led by incredibly talented and well-known Indian actors. Every year, as Bigg Boss seasons go by in different states of India, people look forward to everyone they would see in the highly controversial house. In Kannada Bigg Boss Season 6, one such contestant had caused buzz and headlines with his stay in the house almost reaching the finale; we are talking about MJ Rakesh.

This exceptional talent, who has already proven himself as an MC, Radio Jockey, known by the character of Radio Professor Ulfat Sultan, Interactive Gamer, Team-building Specialist, and Comic, has also proved what he really has as a great talent by becoming one of the most talked about contestants in Kannada Bigg Boss Season 6, hosted by actor Sudeep. He could do it in the house for 91 days and had almost reached the last stage of the show. Today we reached out to him to find out about his experience, to which he said, “I always get applause and appreciation for my stay in the house, which is phenomenal. I’m proud of how far I’ve come on this journey and I continually get so much love from my audience, so much so that even today they remember my performance, my honesty and my stay at home and remember me for my kindness; in the show.”

He adds: “Of course the journey was too difficult, not just for me but for everyone involved, but every day was a learning experience and every day taught me something that I could take with me and learn. to become a better person.” He was able to create a great relationship with some of the contestants on the show and proved how much he deserved to win the show as well, apart from winning the hearts of the audience.

MJ Rakesh, recalling his experience at Bigg Boss, says his heart is filled with gratitude and he cannot thank enough for all the attention and love he has received from people.

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