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MasterChef Celebrity It is one of the reality show most beloved of the series and that is why since the beginning of the First season several spoilers have been disclosed; some of them are fake, although this wednesday Alex kaffie revealed an alleged roster of reality TV finalists.

“I have a feeling that Stephanie Salas, Patricia Noel (evident thanks to the help of Alexis Trillo), German Montero and the half-sister of Thalia they will reach the end of Chef Celebrities? ‘ Alex kaffie for the column of The herald of Mexico.

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It should be noted that Aristeo Cázares was the last to be eliminated from the reality show Azteca Uno. There are currently seven participants, who are they? Here is the list :

Stephanie Salas. Patricia Noël. Germain Montero. Laura Zapata. Aida Cuevas. Mauricio Islas Paco Chacon.

“I followed the transmissions and know-how cook for them and he, I think, will allow them to be finalists in the first celebrity season? from the kitchen show more famous from mexico», Added the journalist.

Alicia Machado and her “romances” at La Casa de los Famosos and MasterChef Celebrity

The EX Miss Universe Alicia Machado let all the participants and judges of MasterChef Celebrity this after giving a hot kiss to her partner Tony Balardi, which nobody expected and which quickly went viral on social media.

From the start of the episode, participants were invited to MasterChef Celebrity Mexico that for the first tests they made pairs, so Tony and Alicia they decided to cook together. Faced with this situation, Chef Herrera did not miss the opportunity to annoy them, without waiting for this it would happen later.

The comedian and the ex Miss Universe They joked with the Chiefs that they both loved each other very much and even had a romantic relationship, before this Chief Herrera asked them to give a kiss.

The House of the Famous

Two months later Alicia machado entered the Famous house. The controversy started with an alleged love triangle between Kimberly Flowers, wife of Edwin Luna, Alicia Machado and Roberto romano, actor.

The personalities involved in the Famous house the 24 hours of the day and little by little the secrets are discovered. From that moment rumors arose on the model who was unfaithful to her husband while being with the actor Roberto Romano.

Alicia Machado controversy

However, the actor does the same with Alicia machado being together in the same bed. In the comments of social networks, Internet users assured that the actor was doing his “little fight” with the two.

The video already has over 215,000 views within hours of being shared from the account. In the pictures you can see Alicia Machado and Roberto romano kissed and lying on the same bed, also shirtless.

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