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Cooking Hawaiian Style host Lanai Tabura (right) learns how Maui Historical Society executive director Sissy Lake-Farm cooks Maui-style fried saimin while recording a Wednesday show at Kula Country Farms and Kaonoulu Ranch. Maui News / MATTHEW THAYER photos

KULA – Sissy Lake-Farm had a trump card up her sleeve making Maui-style fried saimin on Wednesday’s taping “Hawaiian cuisine.”

During production breaks, the executive director of the Maui Historical Society received helpful coaching from her husband, the retired Maui Kyle Farm firefighter. Frying saimin is something he and his fellow firefighters have perfected in fire station kitchens over the years. The key, he says, is to soak the noodles in a special blend of shoyu, oyster sauce, sesame oil, vegetable oil, and garlic powder.

“I’m glad he can come and be my food coach,” said Lake-Farm, laughing. “He’s the cook of the house. He has loved to cook all his life. As a retired firefighter he used to cook for a lot of people.

And used to hearing about it if the food tastes bad, Farm was quick to add.

The duo said they trained at home before recording at Kula Country Farms and Kaonoulu Ranch. Their preparation showed. Quickly passing her appearance as a Food Network pro, Lake-Farm also saved tons of spam, using a recipe from her aunt, Helen Young of Kaimuki.

Lanai Tabura, host of Cooking Hawaiian Style, garnishes Sissy Lake-Farm’s Maui Fried Saimin with sliced ​​Maui-grown scallions.

“I was a little nervous, but it was a lot of fun” she said.

The calm and positive demeanor of host Lanai Tabura on set undoubtedly plays a big role in the comfort felt by his guests. The show’s co-founder grew up on the island of Lanai and said he fondly remembers taking the ferry to Maui with his teammates to play sports in high school. His home island was visible in the distance on Wednesday, part of a beautiful panorama on a clear sky that looked like a painted backdrop.

“We love filming here” Tabura said between recordings. “This is our second time in Maui. We want to do all the islands. I really want to come back here and do the Haiku House.

Tabura said the show is in its eighth year. The 13 episodes recorded Wednesday and Thursday in Kula will constitute the 15th season. Promote home cooking, share family recipes and promote local ingredients and products, “Hawaiian cuisine” is unionized nationally and internationally. Shows are available on DirecTV, Roku TV, and YouTube. They are also displayed on Hawaiian Airlines flights. On Maui, it appears on Spectrum OC16.

Tabura said his team of 18 would work from 5 a.m. until sunset on both days. The ambitious program included appearances by Chief Sheldon Simeon, Chief Tylun Pang, surfer Ian Walsh and Maui County Agricultural Bureau chairman Kyle Caires. The Farm Bureau is a title sponsor for the upcoming season.

The episodes are scheduled to begin airing weekly in Hawaii on July 5.

Tabura said the pandemic year of 2020 posed unique production challenges, but a brief easing of COVID-19 restrictions in June allowed them to shoot 26 episodes in six days.

“We were very lucky” Tabura said.

Tabura won an Emmy in 2018 at the 47th Annual Northern California Area Emmy Awards for her work on the documentary program “Ramen Yokocho.” He shared the award with co-owner and co-creator of the show Redefined Media, Andrew Tran. In 2013, Tabura, chef Adam Tabura’s brother and his friend Shaun Felipe drove the Aloha Plate food truck to victory in the Food Network’s reality contest. “The Great Food Truck Race”.

Lake-Farm said Tabura has a way of making amateur cooks look like pros.

“He’s just very calm” she said. “It just makes you feel comfortable. I cook a few dishes, but it was a challenge. And, of course, to talk and cook at the same time! Lanai is so awesome, he just picks up the pukas, fills in the things I would have missed. He made it so easy.

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