Flintshire Baker Naomi Spaven on BBC 3 cooking show ‘Hungry for it’


A Flintshire baker has made her television debut in a new BBC 3 cooking show called ‘Hungry for it’.

Naomi Spaven, 24, from Mold, was the only Welsh contestant on the show.

During filming, Naomi worked at Pendre GP’s medical office in Mold as a secretary and also ran his food-based Instagram page @LittleWelshFoodie.

Ms Spaven has been an avid baker since she was little and said ‘when I was growing up I also started cooking’.

She was one of ten cooks to compete for a ‘life-changing prize’ by undertaking cooking challenges for celebrity presenters, judges and guests including Stacey Dooly, Chef Kay Kay and Big Zuu.


The first challenge was to “level up” the party food and serve burgers to 100 diners.

Naomi revisited the British classic Cheese and Pineapple on a stick by opting for a cheese croquette with a spicy pineapple salsa.

When asked for her inspiration, she said, “It was my favorite thing when I was little.”

Unfortunately, her party-inspired dish didn’t prove a treat for the judges, Naomi said: “That day was just one of those things that didn’t go well and it was a bit of a random choice.”

During the pop-up burger, Naomi thrived and found her element, however, based on the judges’ comments the day before Naomi found herself in the kitchen.

Naomi said: “In the service kitchen I really thrived, making these burgers, I absolutely loved it.”

After the cook, Naomi was unfortunately kicked out of the contest by the judges.

The Chef: Chef Kay, Stacey Dooley, Big ZuuChief Kay, Stacey Dooley, Big Zuu

Although she left the competition, Stacey Dooley described Naomi as a “total dream”.

Speaking about her elimination, Naomi said, “Obviously someone had to go, they’re all really talented so I wasn’t too bitter.”

Before the show, Naomi was new to a professional cooking environment and said “the closest I got was flipping pancakes at Spavens”.

In a Facebook post on its website, confectionery Spavens in Mold wished Naomi, as her daughter-in-law, good luck ahead of her appearance.

Naomi said “the show really gave me the push and the confidence in the kitchen” and since filming she has taken up a position as a baker at Hawarden Estate Farm Shop.

Naomi was recently promoted to head baker, a position she described as her “dream job”.

On the show, Big Zuu said, “We’re in another era. [and] inspiring young people to cook is really important.”

One of the show’s goals is for chefs to reflect their culture and heritage in their cooking.

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Naomi planned to bring her North Wales roots to the screen and “had plenty of Welsh recipes”, but she plans to continue cooking Welsh recipes via her Instagram.

The series launched on Tuesday, June 7 and will continue with eight one-hour episodes every Tuesday at 8 p.m.

During the show, the budding chefs live together in a house while competing and cooking dishes.


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