Florence Pugh Instagram Stories Cooking Show Returns: WATCH


Extraordinary host and chef, Florence Pugh.
Photo credit: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff / Getty Images

Feast your eyes: Florence Pugh’s Instagram Story cooking show “Cooking With Flo” is back. Throwing together the leftovers of her refrigerator, the Black Widow The star uses her “instincts” to create a “kind of bean, crisp and salad” with chickpeas and her iconic tzatziki. As always, the secret ingredient is her charming personality. “If you have other beans in your pantry, like, say, I have butter beans, I have white beans, add them and make a bean salad,” she advises. “This is what I’m going to do. So it’s gonna be just a bean fart – a bean fart? You’re gonna fart at the end of this salad. See? Most recipes don’t come with such a vital warning. . Dressed in a ruffled yellow apron embroidered with her name, Pugh gives a glamorous touch to the housewife’s chic. After drizzling the salad with hot sauce, she dances with her bowl, as tradition dictates. We will channel the joy. absolute how Florence Pugh feels when eating leftovers for every meal in the future. Gulp, Gobble “Cooking With Flo” on Instagram Stories now.

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