Hy-Vee launches reality show about finding love in a grocery store | Feast and Field: Food Starts in the Field


The Des Moines Register reported On January 18, popular Midwest grocery chain Hy-Vee will launch a reality show on its digital streaming platform, the Helpful Smiles Television Network (HSTV).

According to the newspaper, Sara Canady, vice president of HSTV, explains that the show “Love at First Bite” has eight episodes of about 10 minutes with a different couple in each. The contestants go on a blind date and must purchase Hy-Vee groceries before cooking a meal together.

“It takes the dating show concept to a whole new playground with the grocery store,” Canady told the Register. “Participants will meet at Hy-Vee for the first time, shop together, cook a meal, and we can experience what that connection is like.”

According to the newspaper, “Hy-Vee first launched HSTV in October 2018, adopting an educational format with culinary explanations and bartending tips. Last October, the network relaunched as a dual network of streaming and shopping, where viewers can directly purchase the products that hosts feature on the shows.

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