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If you had a reality TV show about your life, what would it be? – #TQOTD

Steve and his wife barely have the chance to have adult conversations with 2 little babies. If there was a show about their marriage, they would be the ones having this conversation every day. Christine and I would be a mix of general hospital and horse stories. MDR

If you had a reality TV show on your life, what would you be talking about?

  • Me and my ADHD hot ways.
  • Too many people tell me that my husband and I need our own reality TV show …
  • Girl who only leaves home to go to work or go to the movies. I don’t know how introverted an introverted reality TV show would be
  • Could have a whole series on the ups and downs of my marriage
  • Lol, raising our six boys. Could be a hot mess of a show!
  • If I had a reality show, it would be about house flipping and my real estate adventures!
  • 5 to 7 per day. Mine would be walking / jogging / biking at least five to seven miles a day.
  • Cannabis
  • The life of a parent with special needs
  • The reality of having grown children … I thought it would be easier and more fun
  • My days of debt collector
  • My love of motorcycles
  • Mine would be called Real Housekeepers of the City
  • The reality show would be about my ex-mail order wives. 2 women painted my daughter’s face in the middle of the night
  • A day in the life of Zeus.
  • Probably me wandering in my garden and mumbling to plants and insects
  • How to fail in life
  • pastry making, making desserts. Because who doesn’t like candy.
  • The life of the kindergarten mom including the older than the class grandmother
  • Many of my clients suggest that the garage I “run” should be a reality TV show.
  • Me, I drink coffee and I insult at work. It would have to be on a channel that allows for such things.
  • Desperate Lives of Detroit Lions fans

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