Is It Cake? : Netflix reality TV makes 2022 more bearable


It’s one of the most unlikely hit shows on Netflix. But this series on the cake appeals to fans.

Floods, new waves of Covid, MAFS: 2022 hasn’t been a great year so far, but Netflix just dropped the antidote with its new baking contest,Is it cake?

After spending the last two days on sick leave, needing easy viewing from my bed, and not ready to replay Gossip Girl for the millionth time, I scrolled through Netflix to find something new to do the case. I found it in Is it cake?

The premise of the show does exactly what it says on the box: professional bakers, who are really, really good at making their cakes look like other things, try to trick the guest judges and make money.

Basically, a group of bakers tries to be one of three selected for each round of cake making. They must then choose an object to make their cake look like, and then they will create it. From there, three celebrity guests are brought in and shown five of the same item (like in five different shoes or five different burgers) and they have to choose which one they think is actually a cake. Whoever deceives the judges earns money. There’s a little more, but that’s all you really need to know.

We’re talking cakes that look like bucket hats, rubber duckies, tacos and more. I’m not even a person who likes to be in the kitchen, but I do love cakes.

I also like to be right, so trying to guess which item is actually cake before the judges make me happy too. Judges range from celebrity bloggers and culinary chefs to influencers and models, including Karamo from weird eye.

The show has been criticized for being a bit lacking in luster with drama and high stakes, but these critics have no idea what they’re talking about. That’s exactly why it’s perfect.

What I really like the most about the show – especially as someone who never watches reality shows about food (trash Chef: there I said) – that’s how KIND and supportive everyone is.

From the host, Mickey Day, cracking lame jokes, to the contestants pumping each other up, to the judges clearly having fun and not bashing anyone’s creation – this is the most wholesome show on offer right now, and this is exactly what I need to soothe my heartache of 2022.

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