Is the reality and cooking show Hotties on Netflix?


Dating is hard enough, but add having to cook a winning meal with a complete stranger in a difficult situation, and it becomes an event viewers won’t want to miss. The series hotties sees the worlds of cooking shows and reality TV dating collide in a must-have affair for fans of both genres. But is it available on Netflix?

hotties puts two strangers together for a wild blind date experience. In the reality TV competition series, four sexy bachelors will compete to see which dish is the best cooked meal. The thrilling show is hosted by Jade Catta-Preta, whose acting credits include future man, Manhattan love story and Californication.

In the show, contestants have a limited amount of time to complete their goals, with challenges being thrown from time to time to keep things interesting. The host watches the action through hidden cameras and she judges the winners based on their chemistry as well as the taste of the food. Winners receive $2,500 to use on a second date, or they can split the dough, never having to meet again.

Is Hotties available on Netflix?

There’s no denying that the series offers the best of both worlds in terms of reality drama and fun cooking shows. The intriguing program would be an ideal watch for subscribers. Unfortunately, hotties isn’t available on Netflix, and that seems unlikely to change since it’s a Hulu Original series.

While it’s certainly no picnic that the dating cooking show actually isn’t one of the many stellar options ready to stream now, Netflix has a great amount of cooking and dating shows among which ones to choose. Some of the exciting options available to subscribers now include Too hot to handle, Nailed it, The circle and The Great British Bake Off.

Where you can stream Hotties

hotties is available to stream on Hulu.

You can check out the trailer below:


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