ITV2 to launch ‘chaotic cooking show’ Bad Chefs – ATV Today

The series will begin later this month.

In the ultimate recipe for disaster, this all-new reality show will challenge ten takeout junkies to ditch delivery apps and swap ready-made meals for a culinary twist as they learn to cook for the very first time. that the series will be hosted by YouTuber Chunkz.

Parts :

“I’ve always had a lot of ideas and always wanted to get on TV and host my own show, but the concepts weren’t always good back then. When I heard about this one , I thought yes, that made sense to me. I’m definitely not the best boss but I’ve improved over the past two years, so it’s nice to see people in the position I’m in. was in a few years ago. It’s also nice to see the progression they’ve made because I wanted to see them go from bad leaders to decent leaders and be part of their journey.

As takeout obsessives live and cook together, Chunkz will oversee the potential kitchen bustle in a cooking contest like no other.

Faced with daily challenges, novice chefs will have to learn quickly to avoid crowding out and stay competitive. Can they keep their cool in the kitchen and resist the urge for delivery apps?

Bad Chefs will debut in September on ITV2 and on-demand platforms, speaking of the series, Chunkz said, “Let’s get cooking! If you can’t boil an egg or cut a loaf of bread, this is a sight you can hop on board with. I can’t wait for you to see what the Bad Chefs can or can’t cook… it’s going to be so bad it’s good.

In episode 1, Chunkz meets the ten Bad Chefs of the cooking school in which they will live and learn. Unbeknownst to the Bad Chefs, whatever they cook while here, they will have to eat.

Chunkz is quick to put them to the test early on, tasking the Bad Chefs with their first challenge in which they’ll have to cook an omelet. Presented with their ingredients and given twenty minutes to prepare their first meal, the kitchen turns into chaos as evil chef Michael tries to fry some milk, while Dylan needs the help of a doctor.

As they serve their finished omelets, Chunkz informs the Bad Chefs that no takeout or catering will be provided during their time at cooking school before inviting them to eat their unappetizing omelets for lunch.

With the ten Bad Chefs unable to cook an omelet, Chunkz chooses Michael, Mariam and Charlotte as the three worst and surprises them a little later.

Later that evening, as the Bad Chefs head home to explore their new living quarters, Chunkz breaks in and surprises them with a party with a different twist as Michael, Mariam, and Charlotte have to prepare and cook for their fellow Bad Chefs later that evening.

How will dinner be with the three worst chefs loose in the kitchen?

Bad Chefs starts September 26 at 9 p.m. on ITV2 and ITV Hub (Updated: air date changed from September 19)


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