James Gunn reacts to talent show recreating Peacemaker’s intro dance


James Gunn reacts to a high school talent show recreating the Peacemaker dance sequence, saying the original was filmed in a similar auditorium.

Director James Gunn reacted to an excerpt from the Peacemaker recreated intro dance sequence for a high school talent show. Starring John Cena as the titular hero/anti-hero, the series is a direct spinoff from Gunn’s The Suicide Squad and follows the brutal mercenary as he is drafted by Amanda Waller’s ARGUS to join another black ops team. They are tasked with dealing with an alien threat in the form of parasitic butterfly-like creatures that have begun to possess human bodies.

Applauded for his humor and recognized for his hair metal soundtrack, Gunn set the tone for his series with an exhilarating, choreographed intro dance sequence to “Do You Wanna Taste It?” by Wig Wam. Recently Gunn was tagged in a tweet showing the sequence being recreated for a high school talent show, to which he replied, “No kidding, we shot the actual opening in a school auditorium not so different from this one.” Check out the interaction below:

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With Peacemaker Already renewed for a season 2, viewers will be eager to see what happens with the intro dance sequence once the new episodes start airing. Since some of the characters featured in the original sequence, such as Annie Chang’s Detective Sophie Song and Robert Patrick’s Auggie Smith, are now dead, it’s likely the sequence will be re-choreographed and re-filmed. It has not yet been announced when Peacemaker Season 2 will premiere, so it might be a while before audiences see John Cena’s dance moves anymore.

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