Jessika Power reveals why she was removed from the new reality show


MAFS Star Jessika Power has pulled out of new Channel 10 reality show The Australia Challengeand she has now revealed the reason.

Whereas The daily mail reported that a source close to the bride said Jessika voluntarily stepped down to focus on her OnlyFans content, the star slammed the post for spreading “fake news”.

Jessika Power has been dropped from Channel 10’s latest reality show. Photo: Instagram/jessika_power

The 29-year-old announced on Instagram that US executives changed their minds due to a “creative decision”, removing her from the show just days before filming began.

“I had my contract signed, my bags packed, everything was ready and I received a message from my manager indicating that the American leaders had made the creative decision not to include me on the show when they thought I was ‘good talent,'” she wrote.


The star then told her followers that she had completed her medical and background checks, and had been given a date when she was due to leave for the show.

“Sometimes on TV these ‘creative decisions’ happen and that’s okay because it’s always an honor to even be considered let alone film a new TV show,” she said. admitted.

Jessika told fans she was very “excited” to be cast on the show and had a chat with the casting director the night before.

Jessika revealed the real reason for her departure.  Photo: Instagram/jessika_power

Jessika revealed the real reason for her departure. Photo: Instagram/jessika_power

In a screenshot of The Daily Mail story, she wrote, “Very true that I make amazing money with OnlyFans, but I wouldn’t rather ‘sit around’ doing OnlyFans.”

Speaking candidly on Instagram, she added that while there are “negatives and positives” to her situation, she chooses to focus on the silver lining.

“Actually, I still have my bag made for the show, but now, instead of going to the show, I’m positive.

“I’m spending three weeks with my lovely sister [and] waiting for my new nephew to be born,” she said.

Apparently, Jessika earned over $1,000 a day for appearing on the show described as a cross between Survivor and ninja warrior.

so dramatic announced that the first season of The Australia Challenge will be full of reality TV stars, including big brothers Tuly Smith, Australian survivor Brooke Jowett, David Subritsky and MAFS the bride Cyrell Paul.

Cyrell and Jessika have been feuding since their MAFS season.  Photo: New

Cyrell and Jessika have been feuding since their MAFS season. Photo: New

Cyrell and Jessika’s feud

Fans had speculated that Jessika’s exit was due to her ‘rival’ Cyrell also appearing on the show, but the star insists that wasn’t the reason.

The two stars did not get along in season 6 of MAFSmainly because of Jessika’s romantic relationship with Cyrell’s “husband”, Nic Jovanovic, but things between them only got worse after the show ended.

The couple were involved in something of a love triangle with the island of loveof Eden Dally, who was linked to Jessika in February 2019 before starting dating Cyrell a month later.

Cyrell previously claimed that Jessika was “jealous” of her relationship with Eden, with whom she now shares a two-year-old son.

Tensions came to a head when they filmed MAFS all-star reunion at the end of 2020 and Cyrell threw a glass of wine at Jessika.

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