Kim Kardashian to appear on Paris Hilton cooking show


Longtime best friends Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are reuniting again and fans are convinced that they are sort of back to the early 2000s. Of course, those lifelong friends are much older now, each having their own huge empire of success, but it looks like they haven’t changed at all in this upcoming Netflix cooking show.

The keeping up with the Kardashians star is about to make a special appearance on Cooking with Paris which debuts next week, but before this KKW Beauty founder takes a bite out of a delicious dish, we want to give you all the tea on what Kardashian will be up to in this new series and what it means for her friendship with Paris Hilton .

Cosmopolitan tells us that these girls got together for one of the six episodes of the new series. During their time together, they will try a slew of dishes prepared by the Confessions of an heiress author and have tons of fun conversations. See Kim Kardashian in the trailer for Paris Hilton’s upcoming cooking show below.

Kim Kardashian in Cooking With Paris trailer

While we’ll have to tune into the new show to find out exactly what Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are going to be talking about, we’re sure it’ll be a good time. After all, these two seemed to have crushed any awkward tensions they seemed to have had in the past and even helped each other in their own respective endeavors.

Last year, Hilton appeared in an advertisement for the SKIMS Velor collection and now Kardashian is returning the favor by being a guest star on the Hilton cooking show. It seems their friendship is better than ever and… it’s hot.

Cooking With Paris release date

Hopefully, we’ll see more of these celebrities interacting with each other in the future, until then we’re more than excited to see them catch up on the season premiere next week. Be sure to watch Cooking with Paris August 4th only on Netflix!

You will definitely have a good time.

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