Lifetime Reality Show features two of Berks


On July 13, Lifetime, a popular cable channel whose programming is aimed at women, premiered the new television series “Five Guys a Week.” In this provocative new social experiment, an adventurous single woman invites five eligible singles to move in with her for a week to see who “The One” is. While living in cramped quarters, sharing a bathroom, and dividing up household chores, these men will have to perform at their best or miss the chance for true love.

Nelson Cuesta

Over the course of the week, viewers will have a ringside seat as more than 20 cameras capture 24/7 all the laughs, drama and shocking twists… but above all, the romance. Our leading lady will lean on her friends and family for guidance as she takes down one man at a time, but ultimately it will be up to her who gets her heart.

Tonight’s episode (number 2 in the series) features Nelson Cuesta as a “bachelor” contestant on the program. Cuesta, who works as an engineer, is a graduate of Antietam High School and a resident of Berks County. Cuesta was selected for the role through the network’s casting process.

Ilsa Goglick

The series also has Berks County talent behind the scenes with Exeter High School graduate Ilsa Goglick as production supervisor.

“5 Guys A Week is such a fun and authentic take on dating shows. I loved that every week was a new adventure with our cast and working with one of my best friends was a real gift – even if he wasn’t listening! Nelson shines like the local celebrity he is,” Goglick said.

“Five Guys a Week” airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. and airs the next day on


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