Liquorose quits talent show after comedians mock her –


Former Big Brother Naija roommate Liquorose recently walked away from a talent show after poking fun at her failed relationship with Emmanuel.

The reality TV star, who was one of the talent show’s judges, got up and left the show’s set.

This was after two comedians joked about her failed relationship.

It’s no news that Liquorose and Emmanuel’s split was one of the most complicated in the entertainment industry.

The reality TV stars began giving hints of a possible split after Emmanuel was conspicuously absent when friends and fans presented Liquorose with several gifts on her 27th birthday.

He finally hit the nail on the head after missing Liquorose’s birthday party.

He also didn’t shout it out on his social media pages.

Things took a turn for the worse after Liquorose revealed during the show’s reunion season that their relationship crashed in Dubai.

Liquorose said she met her ex, Emmanuel and a masked woman in her hotel room in Dubai.

After waiting 15 minutes to enter his room, Liquorose revealed that Emmanuel made no attempt to explain his compromising situation.

Emmanuel shared that contrary to Liquorose’s claim, he was asleep when she started knocking on his hotel room door.

It took him a moment to open the door because he didn’t know how she would react to the situation and he didn’t try to explain.

Liquorose and Emmanuel have finally revealed that they are no longer together and will not remain friends.

The reality TV stars were roommates on the reality show’s sixth season.

They were considered one of the lovebirds of the season and their senders gave EmmaRose a pseudonym.


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