Lloydminster resident makes his US reality show debut


The Hulu/Disney TV series “Chefs vs. Wild” has a Lloydminster connection.

Matt Corbel, who moved from Calgary to Border City, loves the outdoors and makes his television debut in the eighth episode Monday night on Hulu in the United States.

A furniture maker by profession, Corbel manufactures cabinets in Lloydminster. He was born in Alberta but moved to Haida Gwaii, BC as a toddler.

Corbel says they could have sent him anywhere in the world for filming because the producers also did the TV show “Alone.” However, they ended up filming his episode in British Columbia

“There are two teams competing and each team is made up of a survivalist and a leader. And so they dropped me off in the middle of nowhere on this island. And I have just enough time to Quickly spot it and work out where we should live for a week.And then the helicopter shows up and they drop off the leader, who has little to no experience in the wilderness.

Corbel’s goal is to keep the chef alive, stay hydrated, and have enough food and comfort for the chef to be well rested. During the week, they must search for ingredients to prepare a gourmet three-course meal at the end to win.

His upbringing in British Columbia made Corbel accustomed to traveling light, hunting and cooking over a fire. However, his outdoor talent was challenged by the need to find suitable vegetation to make a gourmet dish.

“Sometimes we have to rely on catching a fish or a grouse and cooking it there. So I knew how to cook over a fire, but I had to stretch my skills by looking at things growing out of the ground; so microgreens and mushroom identification. And then on the west coast, like seaweed; I had to figure out what was the most nutritious and tastiest. Yes it was fun.”

With his television debut under his belt, Corbel says he’ll be looking for more screen roles in the future.

“Chefs vs Wild” is hosted by chef and adventurer Kiran Jethwa who also serves as a judge, alongside wild food expert Valerie Segrest.


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