Love Island spoilers: Davide comforts Ekin-Su’s anger after talent show


Emmy Griffiths

the island of loveEkin-Su and Davide are set to have a heart-to-heart after the talent show in Tuesday’s episode. During the show, Ekin-Su was angered by Davide after he made a joke about kissing girls after leaving the villa, leaving her less than impressed.

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After the talent show, Davide explained why Ekin-Su was mad at her while she was in the kitchen making pasta. He said, “Why are you upset?” to which she replied: “We can joke, it’s funny, some comments just touched me a little.”

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Davide replied, “Of course you also comment on some things.” The pair clearly didn’t want to continue fighting and ended up laughing together when Davide asked, “Peace?”

Speaking in the beach hut, Ekin-Su said: “Listen, what can I say, it’s hard to stay mad at the carbonara king.”

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Fans adored Davide and Ekin-Su’s romance on the show, with one person tweeting, “Love how Ekin and Davide are all sweet and nerdy for a second then build up then overlap again. Literally one of the funniest and cutest couples on love island, i will miss them sm.” Another person shared a photo of them sunbathing together, adding, “I’m here for Ekin-Su and Davide’s” mom and dad after they dropped the kids off at the kids club during vacations “.

The couple have once again become friends!

The couples have certainly settled into the final days of 2022 Love Island, as the boys have also treated the girls to a day at the spa, complete with eye cucumbers, mimosas and massages.

As they held the cocooning day at the Villa, Ekin-Su said, “Am I living in a dream? All those handsome men bringing us drinks. Andrea joked: “I’m good with my hands, I know what I’m doing. She’s a lucky girl, very lucky.

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