Mangalore Konkans Dubai will host the reality show “Golden Voice of UAE”


Press release

Dubai, April 19: After a 4-year hiatus, Mangalore Konkans Dubai is back to create a platform for nurturing talent and raising awareness of the huge aspiring singing talents available in the UAE with the Konkani community. A Konkani singing reality show is being held to crown ‘Mangalore Konkan’s Golden Voice of UAE’ in the male and female category for UAE residents over the age of 18.

According to Mangalore Konkans Dubai Chairman, James Mendonca, the audition will take place on Sunday, June 5 at 4:30 p.m. at Bab Al Ibada Party Hall, Mezzanine, HSBC Building, King Faisal road, Sharjah. The top 6 of each category will qualify for the second round followed by the final to be held in November, with qualified judges in live band, music and singing and with more than 750 spectators.

The winner of the final in each category will be crowned “Mangalore Konkans Golden Voice of UAE” with a cash prize of Rs 50,000.

Rules and regulations

1. The competition is open to all Konkani speakers who hold a valid UAE visa. The singing language is only Konkani
2. Participants must have their birthday on June 5 in order to participate
3. The time limit is 3 minutes maximum
4. The musicians accompanying the singer must stand behind the singer and not to the side or in front
5. The participant is free to play his own musical instrument while singing. Only one musical instrument accompaniment is allowed
6. The contestant must not refer to the written lyrics
7. Referring to the lyrics in any form will disqualify the entrant.
8. The deadline for submitting applications is May 20, 2022
9. The total number of entries is limited and based on the principle of first come, first served
10. Presentation must NOT be offensive or abusive in any way. If such an anomaly is found, the competitor will be immediately disqualified.
11. The best of the 6 singers in each male and female solo vocal category will qualify for the second round followed by the final
12. Participants are limited to Konkani speaking Mangalureans only
13. A panel of qualified judges will judge the contestants and their decision will be final and binding.
14. Participants must arrive at the site at 3:30 p.m.
15. Mangalore Konkans Dubai reserves the right to modify/cancel the event without notice due to insufficient registrations or any other unavoidable reason. Mangalore Konkans Dubai reserves the right to make changes to the above rules and their decision will be final and binding.

To register, please click on the following link:

For further information, please contact Ashith at +971-50-1530380 or Roshan at +971-50-1636014. is the official media partner of the event.

About Mangalore Konkans Dubai

Mangalore Konkans Dubai was established in 1988 with the fundamental objective of promoting the Konkani language and culture among the Mangalurean diaspora in the United Arab Emirates. He also intended to extend his financial support to the Mangalurean community in Dubai and the undivided district of Dakshina Kannada. Without diluting the original goals, even over time, the organization has solemnly pursued/followed its goals to emerge as a major force to be reckoned with within the UAE. Over the years, with an array of activities aimed at the general welfare of Mangalureans, Mangalore Konkans Dubai has played a vital role in keeping the banner of the Konkani language and Mangalurean culture flying high in the desert. Credit goes to Mangalore Konkans Dubai for being the first association of Mangalureans in the UAE in 1988 when the community was scattered without a proper platform to feel the part and flavor of Mangalurean culture. Helping organize Konkani’s first Stations of the Cross, followed by the first Children’s Nativity Feast with a flower shower at the Grotto, Konkani’s First Choir made its debut at St Mary’s Church in Dubai . It was thanks to the tireless efforts of Mangalore Konkans Dubai, for the first time a Konkani speaking priest was delegated to Dubai and with this, a permanent Konkani mass also started.

Some of the events organized by Mangalore Konkans Dubai are Grand May Queen Ball, Konkani King & Queen Contest, Konkani Milan, Family Fiesta, Wilfy Sentimental Night, Lorna’s Musical Evening, Congratulations Dr Aloysius P D’Souza, Bishop of Mangalore Diocese, Konkani Dramas, Konkani Sports Meets, Talent Show, Konkani Gayan Spordho, Parenting Guidance Seminar, Medical Seminar, Leadership Training and Personality Development Program, Cooking Contest, A Seminar on a Journey – Teenager to Adulthood, Mega Konkani Concert, Speech Craft for Konkani Speaking Mangalorean Youth in UAE, Life Skills for Parents and Teens, Konkani Speech Contest, Mangalore Gulf Voice and many more. Also established an education and medical trust fund with CODP Mangaluru, a cancer patient relief fund with Father Muller Mangaluru, and sponsored the Wilfy Rebimbus Memorial Best Singer Award with Sandesha.


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