Married at first sight fans spot Alexis Economou on reality TV show


Alexis, who appeared on this year’s season of reality TV show, has actually appeared on England has an incredible talent!

You can watch a clip below:

Alexis appeared on the show in 2014 as part of girl group REAformed, when she was just 21. And the trio were even Alesha Dixon’s golden buzzer, pushing them straight into the semi-finals.

Alesha even said the girls were the best group of girls they had ‘seen on the show so far’.

“I will support you all the way,” she said.

Alexis appeared on BGT (Photo credit: ITV)

“Well I started in a girl group and I wouldn’t be here without Mis-Teeq, so that’s what I saw when I saw these girls. And that’s why I want you. support all the way. “

However, REAformed did not reach the final and was sent home in the third semi-final. Alexis is now a successful model, but who knows, maybe one day she will resume her singing career?

Alexis didn’t have the sweetest ride Married at first sight. First paired with Jordon, the pair didn’t get along, and then – to make matters worse – Jordon had an affair with Megan, behind Alexis’ back.

Alexis was part of the REAformed group (Photo credit: ITV)
Alexis was part of the REAformed group (Photo credit: ITV)

The couple both decided to leave the marriage after the first engagement ceremony, but Alexis’ journey was not over, after she asked to resume the experience with Ant, who had also left her marriage. with Nikita.

Ant and Alexis had formed a loving connection during the first dinner party, but once they got back to the process, Ant – despite Alexis’ best efforts – admitted that it felt more like a friendship than anything else.

The couple both decided to leave after realizing there was no spark between them.

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