Marysol Foucault of Edgar judges in the reality TV show “Wall of Chefs”


The game is underway! Canada’s newest cooking reality series hit the airwaves Feb. 3, and Edgar’s Marysol Foucault took time out of the kitchen to step in front of the cameras as a celebrity judge.

Chiefs Wall sees ambitious home cooks compete in a series of three fierce culinary challenges that are judged by a rotation of 12 renowned chefs (these chefs are known as “The Wall”). Each episode features four home cooks whose ultimate goal is to satisfy the palates of industry professionals and bring in $10,000 at the end of the show.

As a fierce competitor (she has participated in Gold Medal Plates and the French-language TV cooking competition Knife tires), Foucault said it was difficult to look aside. “Most of the time I just wanted to run and compete myself,” says Foucault. “You constantly relive all the past competitions you’ve entered. You always think about what you would do with those ingredients and constraints in the challenges.”

the Chiefs Wall debuts on Food Network Canada on Monday, February 3 at 10 p.m. Episodes will also be posted on the Food Network website the day after each show airs.

Conductor Edgar Marysol Foucault

Celebrity Chef Overload
Although local foodies obviously focus on Foucault, the list of Canadian culinary pioneers appearing on Chiefs Wall is long. A quick read of the Chiefs sees Toronto legends Lynn Crawford, Susur Lee and Mark McEwan; St. John’s star Todd Perrin; and Vancouver’s Rob Feenie, Meeru Dhalwala and Joel Watanabe to name a few of the 33 chefs scheduled to make appearances.

When asked who she appears with, Foucault is secretive, saying viewers will have to tune in to find out.

Win time
Despite being a busy chef and mother of a toddler, Foucault said she knew she couldn’t turn down the opportunity to launch a new show and hang out with chef friends and friends. idols from across Canada.

“The most fun part of this show was meeting all the chefs I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise! We all have the same job, but we don’t have the same day-to-day experiences, so it was interesting to exchange ideas, concepts and realities. The culinary scene is not the same in Saskatoon, Vancouver, Halifax or Ottawa, so it was great to hear about the different types of cuisines from these renowned chefs who hail from across the country!

The Wall of Chefs welcomes Noah Cappe

On the judgment of the chiefs at home
“I don’t think culinary school has anything to do with empathy or being a great chef! A lot of home cooks cooked better than some people I worked with who went to culinary school,” says Foucault.

“The judges had great respect for the home cooks because we all understood that they were cooking in an unfamiliar kitchen in front of 12 professionals with cameras and lights on them. And many were using ingredients they couldn’t possibly have. -be never met before in their life. What courage!”


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