Megayacht reality show casting call: captains, crew wanted


For eight seasons Under the bridge, the Bravo Network’s docu-reality show, chronicled the lives of yacht charter crews as they work and play aboard megayachts at exotic ports of call around the world.

Today, the network is looking for new talents to navigate and pilot its luxury dream trips. It might be a dream job, but you should do it all in front of the camera with the world watching.

For some viewers, Under the bridge is nothing more than Real Housewives-style drama on the high seas. But some “yachting guilty” boaters also go online (whether they admit it or not) to ogle the yachts themselves. Amid the galley’s misadventures and failed romantic entanglements lie the fascinating day-to-day operations of a ship larger than most of us can imagine sailing. How to moor a 161ft mega-yacht or 177ft sailboat?

For those who haven’t seen an episode, Sailing yacht under the bridge follows Parsifal III, a 460 gross ton ketch with 31,269 square feet of sail area capable of 18 knots under “ideal conditions,” according to her custom builder Perini Navi. It has five cabins and can accommodate 12 people (not counting the crew quarters). It’s available for rent at a starting price of $ 231,500 per week.

If it’s out of your price range, the Bravo show lets you live vicariously. The scenery isn’t bad either, with the blue Mediterranean all around and the Greek Islands as ports of call.

The new casting call for Sailing yacht under the bridge sparked various reactions on social media, including the biggest question about the show: is it real?

According to producer Frank Garrity, the crews are not actors and the series is unscripted. There are no repetitions – what you say on camera stays. Applicants should also be in good physical shape, have a great personality, and have a good work ethic.

In its efforts to promote and recognize diversity in the sailing world, the show is also looking to recruit a female mega yacht captain with a 3000GT license. Garrity admits that this is perhaps the most difficult position to fill. But the world of boating is vast and vast. She’s out somewhere.

If you think this all sounds far-fetched, know that Sailing yacht under the bridge has looked for talent in the Chesapeake Bay before. Season I Deckhand Parker McCown is from the east coast of Maryland. He learned to sail at a summer camp and gained experience as a crew on the 1901 skipjack. Elsworth along the Chester River.

If you are looking to live the life of a yacht crew, email the producer at [email protected]

Good luck, they might be looking for you!

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