Munchlax invades the kitchen living room in New Pokemon Legends: Arceus Commercial


A Munchlax wreaks havoc on a cooking show to promote Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Earlier today, The Pokemon Company released an innovative new ad to promote their new Pokemon game. The advert shows a Munchlax stealthily eating ingredients in a cooking contest before being grabbed by the show’s disbelieving host. The purpose of the commercial is to show Munchlax as a much more active and dynamic creature with a personality, which is one of the main appeals of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. You can check out the fake kitchen contest (which also features a nice nod to the original pokemon red and blue games) below:

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the new Pokemon game that reinvents the successful Pokemon game formula from the ground up. Players are sent to the past to build the Hisui region’s first Pokedex and uncover the secrets of how Pokémon behave. Instead of fighting their way through an organized league of trainers, players must simply survive in the harsh landscape of the Hisui region, which is teeming with Pokémon ready to attack them at the slightest provocation. In fact, the trailer shows several Pokémon attacking the player in quick succession, including a Munchlax chasing the player in the Alabaster Icelands. It’s unknown if Munchlax and his evolved form Snorlax are omnivores, but players probably don’t want to find out this information firsthand.

Not only Pokemon Legends: Arceus feature more active Pokemon, it also features a twist on the turn-based battle system and catching Pokemon. Players can capture Pokemon without engaging them in a fight, either through stealth or just well-timed throws. When entering a Pokémon battle, players can use their Pokémon’s speed and two new battle styles to trigger combos and attack chains.

Our opinion on Pokemon Legends: Arceus praised the series, stating that the game “is by far the strongest Pokemon game in recent memory and should provide unforgettable memories that rival the first time a player encounters a Pokemon for the first time. favorite or conquered their first Pokemon champion fight.This is a must-buy Pokemon game destined to appear on many “best games of the year” lists and should attract countless fans new and old to the franchise .”

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is available now on the Nintendo Switch.


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