Netflix’s Korean reality show has a similar vibe and drama to “Love Island”


Korean theater fans have a new genre of television outside of the fantasy world, boss-worker relations, and common tropes. Hell of singles is Netflix’s first Korean reality show about a select group of love-seeking individuals under unconventional circumstances. The drama, dating, gossip and vibe of the reality show will woo CBS Island of love Fans.

Tudum ‘Single’s Inferno’ Poster | via Netflix

‘Single’s Inferno’ has 9 contestants looking for romance and sparks on remote island

For this new frenzy reality TV series, five male and four female contestants meet for the first time on an unknown desert island. The island is known as the “Inferno”. Applicants do not know each other’s personal life, profession and age. All they know are each other’s names.

Competitors must survive on Inferno by fetching their own water, preparing meals with the food provided each day and the sweltering heat. During this time, candidates get to know themselves and to whom they possibly have feelings or an attraction.

Part of Singles Inferno rules has candidates give anonymous votes for the person they like. During the nine days on the island, the two candidates who join together to form a couple leave Hell for Heaven. Paradise is another secluded island with a luxury resort where the couple can finally reveal personal details about themselves.

Korean Dating Reality Show Has A Similar Addictive Quality To “Love Island”

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Netflix’s Korean reality show will look familiar to CBS Island of love Fans. According to the official CBS page, “Every few days, islanders pair up and those who are not risk being dumped from the island. Islanders are looking for romance, but the road to love doesn’t always go smoothly. Challenges abound with intriguing island newcomers and dramatic twists and turns as friendships and relationships form. “

Hell of singles follows a similar format where an unknown voice challenges applicants every day. The winner of each challenge gets some advantage to gain the upper hand to woo his love. The feelings of one competitor for another may not be mutual or may not exist the next day.

A Reddit fan commented, “I think the concept of the show is interesting, and it’s too early to judge who I love the most and who I want to ship with whom. But it will be interesting to see if a couple actually blossom from this show.

Each participant has qualities that either persuade or disillusion viewers to take root for them. It is a question of subjective or genuine love.

Where to watch “Single’s Inferno”?

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The Korean reality show is available to stream on Netflix. Hell of singles launches a new episode every Saturday on the streaming platform. Fans can watch the drama, affectionate teases, and contestants in a total of eight episodes.

Hell of singles Also teases the inclusion of more contestants based on unknown identities in the trailer. As contestants get closer to understanding their possible feelings, new inclusions could wreak havoc.


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