New reality show ‘Domino Masters’ features Seattle startup co-founder striving to be the best flipper – GeekWire

Claudius Mbemba, left, and teammates Evan Voeltner and Stevens Cadet on ‘Domino Masters’. (Photo Fox)

Fox hopes viewers will fall in love with a new reality competition series called “Domino Masters” which begins tonight. The network’s hopes could align in the Seattle area, thanks to the inclusion of a competing tech startup co-founder.

“Domino Masters” features 16 teams of domino enthusiasts who set up elaborate tile structures with the goal of becoming the best topplers. The show is hosted by “Modern Family” Emmy-winning actor Eric Stonestreet and features a star panel of judges.

Claude Mbemba is the co-founder of New, a Seattle-based marketplace that connects Airbnb hosts with hotel-grade cleaners. Mbemba competes on “Domino Masters” with two other players in a team called Triathletes.

Others listed with Seattle as hometowns, we find Ruby Houchens, Luke Greenway and Tanek Ballachanda.

In each episode, teams will receive a custom theme and elements to incorporate into their reversal, according to Fox. The teams that impress the judges the most will advance to the next round. The top teams will compete in the final for $100,000 and the Domino Masters title.

The show is reminiscent of another Fox reality series that involves building elaborate structures, “LEGO Masters.” On this show, unlike “Domino Masters,” the hope is that things don’t flip.

Mbemba started Neu in 2018 with Kwame Boler. Both were nominated in 2020 for Young Entrepreneur at the GeekWire Awards.

Mbemba could not share any details related to his dominoes skills before the show aired.


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