Nikki Glaser Reality Show E! Launch the Has Kardashian campaign


E ! is no longer in business with the Kardashians, but the network is still leaning on the family as it launches its latest show.

In an openly self-aware moment, E! is gearing up to debut a new reality show about comedian Nikki Glaser, and in promoting its upcoming series, the network is in on the joke, giving a nod and nod to the lucrative family franchise that they broadcast for 15 years.

“Keeping the pace is so last year.”

“We swapped 5 brunettes for a blonde (it was cheaper).”

These are just some of the slogans of E! uses to promote Glaser’s new show, “Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?”, which premieres May 1.

Essentially, E! acknowledges that they’re no longer home for “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” (the family now has a new show at Hulu), and Glaser leans into his brand of self-deprecating, carefree comedy.

“Welcome home Nikki Glaser?” will follow the stand-up comic as she uproots her fast-paced Hollywood lifestyle to return home to her small town of St. Louis, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, while hilariously introducing her parents, friends childhood and even her ex-boyfriend.

“St. Louis is the new Calabasas” is another tagline used to comically promote Glaser’s new show. Another tagline is, “We’ve found the most famous family…in St. Louis.”

When asked if her family could just be the new Kardashians, Glaser said Variety“I sure hope so!”

“Not only do I want my younger sister to become a ‘self-made’ billionaire,” Glaser jokes, adding, “I also want my family to follow in the Kardashians’ footsteps and fully embrace who they are, shamelessly. Call the Kardashians fake as much.” you want, but the painful and embarrassing moments they shared on their show are the kind of things that most families have been hiding for generations. takes courage and I’m proud of my family for taking this risk with me and I hope it doesn’t destroy us.

E ! has been doing all the press around Glaser’s new show, and Kardashian’s tongue-in-cheek campaign (or shall we say, campaign?) is just one part of the launch, which started this week on social media and has gone viral. will intensify next week with billboards on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. The network had also co-hosted Glaser’s “Daily Pop” and E!’s “Nightly Pop,” as well as a guest panelist on “E!’s Countdown to the Red Carpet” at the Grammys. Thanks to NBCUniversal’s cross-promotional synergy, Glaser’s show is also teased with custom promotions on sister networks Bravo and USA Network, tapping into fanbases from “Real Housewives,” “Temptation Island” and even “Saturday.” Night Live”. To top it all off, the network hosted an official “Nikki Glaser Day” with the tourism office in her hometown of St. Louis, which will see her throw the first pitch at the Cardinals game later this month to celebrate. the city where his new series was filmed.

The marketing team of E! worked hand-in-hand with Glaser on the campaign to ensure the material matched his comedic voice.

“Nikki is known for her stand-ups, but she’s new to this show format, so the idea was to look at what a comedian like Nikki would actually think or say about the world of reality TV,” explains Samantha Bloom, senior vice president of the brand. marketing at NBCUniversal, which thinks Glaser’s character will resonate with E! the viewers. “Comedy does very well with our audience and this show is definitely funny. That said, what will really resonate with our viewers is the relativity of Nikki and her life in St. Louis. … Each episode is like a moment really fun with your best friend.

With E! In a time of transition, no longer relying on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” which helped define the cabler for so long, the network believes Glaser’s show is a perfect fit for its slate for a host of reasons. – one being that she is a rising star. (For what it’s worth, E! turned the Kardashian-Jenners into world-class celebrities, who became network TV stars in 2007, before turning their reality show into an empire of their own.)

“E! is about celebrating pop culture fandom and Nikki’s stardom continues to rise in the entertainment world,” Bloom said. friends and bring a dose of laughter and an unapologetic perspective. E ! has always brought audiences into the world of celebrities and “Welcome Home Nikki Glaser?” is a refreshing take on this format. Nikki really blurs the line between being famous and being a Hollywood fan herself, so it’s ambitious yet attainable.

Watch a promo for Glaser’s new series here:


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